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The Torment

During a shortcut to the school bus, Allison Hannaburg spots a void between two trees. After a series of tests, she determines it is worthy of further inspection. Climbing through, Allison finds the void is actually a portal to another world. A storm ridden, foul smelling place where nothing seems to exist. Yet, a distant cathedral holds an element of promise. Welcoming her in, the massive stone building offers shelter and warmth along with a multitude of open-ended questions.
Returning home, Allison enlists the assistance of her cousin Charlie. He is the only one she can trust with this new information. To substantiate her claim, Allison takes Charlie across, which in turn gets his full support. When the pair figures out what they have found, it opens up a cascade of significant untold secrets. Along with a cast of supporting characters, Allison and Charlie set off to find a solution to a 2200 year old problem.
  1. The Torment
    these were the short haired days