Break up With Your Boyfriend, I'm Bored

break up with your boyfriend

"I hate the dating scene nowadays. I've been here for over a year, almost two, and it's not easy to get a date. I'm a late 20's guy -- it's not easy like it used to be, man. I used to be able to go up to a chick and BAM. But now I'm all dried up, man. No one's checking for me anymore. Any of you guys having the same issue? You guys recommend some places downtown? Are there any nice lounges to grab a drink and socialize with some hot females?"

I can't believe the conversation I'm privy to as I in process the items that are being delivered to the medical warehouse where I work.

See, I'm one of two females that works on the floor. Meanwhile most of the women are upstairs while I'm down here with majority of men.

The people who work on the floor and drive the forklifts in the warehouse are all mostly men. The kind of men that probably belong at a place doing construction but somehow managed to get a job here with the hospital.

My biggest fear is that the reason the men feel comfortable talking guy talk around me the way they do is because somehow I've become less feminine since being moved downstairs. Maybe they think I'm one of them.

Everyday I make sure to put on my mascara and lipstick before I walk through the door. Yet somehow, after hours of walking around the warehouse and sweating because it's stuffier down here than it was when I worked upstairs, at the end of the day I always manage to look as if I had no makeup on to begin with.

A fact that has been taking a big hit to my self esteem.

It didn't help either that somehow, coincidentally, the same time I got moved downstairs to the floor was the same time my boyfriend of three years decided to cheat on me.

With a woman who, after stalking her on Facebook and Instagram, I learned looked like she did nothing for a living.

Because I one who actually works for a living can manage to take a selfie of perfectly manicured hands in every single photo like she does.

At least one nail has to break!

But I want to work through his infidelity, however.

Because I'm a fool in love.

As much as I don't like what he did to me by cheating on me.

I still love him.

A message bings on my phone as I'm thinking all of this.

It's my coworker, Ashley, who is the only other female downstairs with me. She sits beside me but sometimes we text each other when we want to have a conversation between girls that can't happen when there are so many guys around us.

do you hear this?

I smile as I hide my phone under the table we're sitting at.

I quickly glance around before replying.

yep. guy problems

Ash responds.


I text back.

i can't believe he can't find a date

I quickly look up from my phone to conspicuously glance at the person I work with that is talking:

A guy named PJ.

He's tall. Tan. And has black hair slicked into a ponytail. He looks like he lifts at the gym.

"A lot of times I try online dating, but when I turn on my tinder and see what’s around...there's not many good-looking options "

Ash kicks me underneath the table like we're Middle Schoolers.

damn Ash sends in a text i wish I could date him

I watch as the three dots bubble as she continues to type.

you should date him

Then she sends a winky face.

My face flushes.

i have a bf

I watch as Ash types.

no, you have a cheater

My heart drops. I can't argue with her there.

She quickly responds back.

you need to get back at him...or at least try to move on

I bite my lip.

My phone bings.

It's a picture from Ash. She got a quick snap of PJ.

I can't help but giggle.

he has the look

She sends.

I shake my head.

??? What look???

the break up with your boyfriend, i'm bored look

She responds.

I chuckle.

"What are you laughing at?"

I look up from my phone to see the man Ash and I are creeping on glancing at me from where he stands with a pallet full of boxes.

My face flushes.

"Nothing," I say.

He smiles at me.

His grin is nice and slow.

"Texting your boyfriend?" He asks me.

Ash answers before I can say anything.

"No. She doesn't have one, you want to be?"

I'm mortified.

But what happens next shocks me more.

He laughs.

"Sure," He says.

Ash kicks me again.

I really am in middle school all over.

Ash looks at me.

"See I told you," She says, "Break up with your boyfriend"
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May 5, 2019

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