Status: if you dont like love stories, dont be put of, this features a variety of content including action, thriller and yes romance.

Kurt and Cobain


I looked up from my work, my buzzing mind suddenly stopping for a breath.
I had school tomorrow, but I guess it was pointless sleeping now if I was halfway into the design already.
I scraped my wavy, knotted hair into a messy bun and checked my phone for any texts I might have from the hundreds of friends that cared about me.
0 new messages
I picked my dirty wooden pencil back up and continued with my drawing. It was nothing special, just another little graffiti that I was designing for Kurt. Him, Justin and I were planning on going down to Barker later this week and there was, surprisingly, a clear wall with no graffiti.
We could change that
Luckily, Justin’s dad managed a chain of hardware stores so getting spray paint was a breeze and a struggle of heavy winds. And Kurt new his way with people and he could talk us out of almost anything
And me
Well I came up with the designs
Other than that, I think they just wanted me around because I gave them what their girlfriends didn’t. I never had much luck with holding down guys because my moods were all over the place. But Justin and Kurt understood me because we were mates and its not like they didn’t like me.
Focus, Hope, focus
Back to work
I was nearly finished the general design but I as stuck on what we could have written right in the center. I racked my brain for ideas but the waves of my thoughts washed nothing new ashore. I began to tap my pencil on the bench, disturbing Kurt’s sleep, so I tapped harder and louder, causing his shadowed eyes to flutter open and stare angrily at me as I giggled a laugh.
That giggle
It always got me off the hook and out of trouble
He outstretched his arm to try and reach my thigh but I pushed backwards on my wheelie chair, aggravating him even more.
We then heard another yawn from Justin’s directions, but louder. We looked over to see him beginning to sit up and laughing.
‘Kurt, my man, remind me why you are dating Cherry?’
Cherry was Kurt’s snobby rich girlfriend from The City.
‘I don’t know man, maybe because I love her?’ He replied cheekily whilst pulling his arm back under the blanket.
‘Bullshit that’s not love. What I just laid my eyes on was love. Not a single word was exchanged, but an unspoken message sent.’
‘For now, I’m Cherry’s, and that’s not changing…unless she expects me to “buy” her another designer bag’ he emphasized bunny ears on ‘buy’ because none of us ever really bought things, we stole, so he obviously went through some trouble to steal that Gucci Purse for Valentines earlier this year. ‘Then, ad only then, will I end it between us’
‘Whatever man, but just know, she’s a rich daddy’s girl from The City and you are a working-class boy from the streets.
Those two don’t exactly match’
I smirked at this last remark from Justin. He was in a happy relationship with my kind of friend McKenzi, so he wasn’t an option for me.
But Kurt
Him and Cherry hadn’t been happy for a while and she went to a private school on the other side of the state so who knows what boys she was flirting with…or even more than flirting with.
And I had always noticed a flutter of butterflies in the pit of my stomach when we were near each other.
And apparently, he had always ‘had his eye on me’
‘Y’all two are strange, imma just stay outa this as a little single pringle over here!’ I stated as I turned back to my work.
‘Alright then shawty’ Justin replied, a smirk across his face now too.
‘Goodnight’ Kurt finished
I think it was the most emotional thing that has ever come out of his mouth