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Train Master

Train Master

"All aboard!"

The train whistle blew out its favorite song, allowing steam to escape its pipe, as the travelers on the train platform, began making their way into the carts. A pair of sharp blue eyes scanned each individual, watching as they took aboard their train. Once the passengers were on board, the doors closed gently, and the train was off. A gentleman stood behind the wheel of the train's engine, his expression dull and solemn. He was a man who held the title, the Train Master.

As the Train Master, his job was to make sure the ride went as smoothly and quickly as possible. While the rattling of the wheels rolls along the tracks, his mind was only on one thing; to get his passengers to their location. With such a crystal night as this, he looks outside briefly at the stars glittering in the sky, and the moon shining along their path. Pulling a hard string that sat next to him, it gave the train another reason to sing its tune loudly for the others to hear. Placing the train on autopilot, he began to make his move to check on his passengers.

Wearing a dark black coat that held small chains around his neck, exposing his creamy pale torso full of abs, and blank dress pants; who was to say he wasn't a stud. He had short dark blue hair, and red lips that hid what they held underneath. With black boots on, and a conductor's hat to complete the look; he was confident that no one would take him for someone who would play around.
Sliding open the double doors that lead to the dining cart, he watched as his assistant, a blond male, take everyone's tickets and clip them for inspection. He was pleased as he thanked everyone, while going on to the next cart. Now, it was his chance to shine.

Spreading out his arms, he addressed the few that sat with their families, "Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to my humble abode. The Midnight Train has been in this family for generations, and more to come. I do hope you all enjoy your stay. Overnight, I will make sure to watch over you, and keep things in order, and while you're here, I expect you to the same." He caught everyone's eyes, his sharp blue ones striking fear into their hearts, as he gives a small smirk. "Does anyone have any questions?"

No one spoke a word, and mostly shook their heads no, which pleased him, "Good. Carry on, and I wish you all the best for your journeys."

Leaving the cart, hands jammed into his pockets, he walked on and did the same procedure, making sure that everyone was safe and taken care of. Tipping his hat to some who approached him, and giving a nod to those who were traveling around to take in the sights. It was a large train, so there was room for walking around. His next stop was the bedding carts, and in them, there were some families who were busy getting their children or elderly to rest. Giving the doors a small knock, gathering their attention, he introduced himself, and got nods to those who understood; giving a gentle smile to the little ones, before producing candies for them secretly.

There was one cart he hadn't checked yet, and that was the luggage cart. Usually he would check this first, but intended to make sure his passengers were safe; that was top priority. Sliding the door open, he scans the room for unwanted predators, his blue eyes glinting in the dark. A sudden movement had him close the door behind him, hoping to fool the one to think he had left. After a few moments with his eyes closed, the person crouching behind a few stacked suitcases, got up and ran towards the door.

In the blink of an eye, his hand was around their neck, a murderous glint in his sharp blue eyes, which caused a shiver to run down this figure's neck.

"Good evening, sir. I am the Train Master. How's about we have a little chat on why you're rummaging through my passengers' things, hm?"

The man that was dangling in the air, was nothing short of 5ft, at least, and he was wearing a slightly tattered brown coat, with a pair of navy blue pants, and a green long sleeves shirt. His dark brown hair was matted to his sweaty peachy face, and his body couldn't stop trembling from the aura of murder the man felt from this Train Master.

"I-I'm I'm sorry...I..I didn't mean any harm...I was only stowing away on the train to meet my family...they-they've left me behind, thinking that I got on...and I couldn't...didn't want to show my face just yet..."

At the explanation, the Train Master thinks about this story, and then chuckles, squeezing the man's neck with a vulgar expression. He began to struggle for air, clawing at the Master's hand frantically, "Likely story, but you won't be able to fool me. I know all of the lies of those who become stowaways on my train, and I would not forgive them for giving me lies." Sticking a hand into the man's pocket, he took out the many jewels and wallets he found within the cases that he was able to unlock.

"Well, would you look at that," the Train Master smiles dangerously, "I caught myself a thief and a liar." Holding the man's face closer to his, he meets his hazelnut eyes, "Do you know what I do with thieves and liars?"

The man couldn't really respond, since he was choking, wanting to breathe so that he could answer. Instead of waiting for a response, the gentleman before him dropped him to the ground; but didn't give him a second to breathe as his fangs sunk deep into his neck. A struggled gasp fell from the man's lips, as his blood was being drained from his body. He wanted to move, but the stare he got from the Train Master willed him to stay put. His mind began to go through everything he's done with his life, only to end up here at his finest moments; a vampire's snack.

Soon, his life would be over, and he wouldn't have anything else to worry about. He had no friends, no family, he was alone, and he would die alone. No sooner had those thoughts ran across his mind, the life in his eyes dulled and soon left. His body went limp, and the conductor stood up with a satisfied grin. Wiping the excess blood from his lips, he picked up the empty corpse and opened the door to the outside world. Without much of a care, he whistled a soft tune, and no sooner had he done so, a flock of bats flew to his beckoning call. They used their clawed feet to take the man's body, and flew away with him.

Coming out of the luggage room soon after, once he placed the belongings back into their cases; he was met by his blond assistant, who gave him a sorrowful expression. Not caring whether or not his assistant seen or heard him do away with the thief, he placed a hand onto his head, and ruffled his hair gently. "Get some rest, my dear. I know you'll need it."

"Yes sir." The blond one watched the Train Master walk off back to his station behind the wheel, and once he disappeared; he slump to the floor with his heart beating wildly in his chest. The Train Master was so kind enough not to end his life, and it wasn't because he knew that he was a vampire; but for the fact that he could have told anyone about this, and managed to keep the secret for a long time.

It's been awhile since he's seen the Master feed, and it still haunts him to this day. His loose blouse that he was wearing slid off of his shoulder, showing a couple old marks upon the inside of his neck. Pulling himself together, he stood with a look of fear and respect, knowing that sulking for the man's life that was taken wouldn't do, and he had to do as the Master told him.
He was going to rest, and hopefully it would be peaceful, and not full of nightmares.

The End
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