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Sleep Walking Past Hope

Chapter 2

“Ughh it’s so fucking early” I groaned. It was 3:15 am and I was forced awake by the sound of Jukka’s alarm blaring the absolute most irritating noise you can fathom.

“Time to wake up my sweets” Jukka laughed as he reacted to my annoyance and Chachi’s determination to stay under the covers. “We have to make it to the airport on time, you girls can sleep on the plane”.

“I don’t understand how you’re always so fucking positive.” I rolled out of bed while simultaneously throwing a pillow at his head.

He just goofily grinned back at me. “It’s positive anarchy, my dear”.

“Hmph” I trudged to the bathroom to take a hot shower. Nothing helped me get ready for a day better than a steaming stream of water. In fact, I loved anything having to do with water. I would take incredibly long showers. But I couldn’t do that this morning. We didn’t have the time.

I undressed and looked in the full-length mirror and admired my body some. It’s been a while since I could look at myself unclothed and appreciate what I saw. I was in such a mentally abusive relationship with my ex that I was conditioned to think I was worthless. That no one would want me or like my body. This all changed when I started my Youtube channel and left Kevin. I needed a change and I decided to make a move for myself. I quit my job, used the last of my savings and traveled. I documented all of it and made vlogs to put up on youtube. My channel blew up and later became “Saraya’s Escapades”. I had just under a million subscribers and they helped me fund my new lifestyle. Not to mention, becoming a professional blogger is what introduced me to Jukka, and later Chachi. I couldn’t have grown into the strong woman I am today without them. The difference that people can make when they care about a person, and support them is incredible. I couldn’t have transformed for the better without them.

I sighed with content and jumped in the large walk-in shower and let the imitated rainfall soothe my tired muscles. I specifically loved taking showers at their house. Chachi was a beauty guru and all my favorite brands would send her hundreds of products to promote so her shower and bathroom were FILLED with everything I would need and more to walk out smelling and looking as good as possible.

I used her lush shampoo, and body wash and smiled as the steam became gardenia scented. I shaved my tan legs, and bikini areas before stepping out. I decided to let my long icy blonde
hair air dry as I’ve been trying to move away from styling tools to prevent any further damage.

I decided to forgo any makeup today since it would be spent traveling. Content with how I looked, I got dressed in my Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Hoodie and plain black leggings and left the bathroom, immediately being greeted by a now fully awake Chachi.

“Yasss hunny, you look like a SNACK!”

I did a little turn to show off and laughed. “Chachi, if I’m a snack it’s because of all your goodies inside that bathroom”

“I bet you taste like a snack too.” Walked in Paul, giving me his signature wink.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I retorted.

“Come on lovebirds, we need to get a move on” Jukka appeared in the living room dragging the last of his and Chachi’s suitcases. “Paul, you remember what I told you about watching the house?”

“Yes, Jukka. I have everything I need.” He nodded.

“Then let’s go!” Jukka was the first one out the door, Paul and Chachi following behind and me at the back. I was excited. I haven’t been to Finland yet. I haven’t gotten the chance to visit any of Scandinavia yet. Which is funny considering Jukka goes at least 3 times a year. I make nearly every one of his trips but for some reason or another, I always had something come up when he headed home.

Paul got in the driver’s seat of Jukka’s range rover to shuttle us to the airport. I sat up front with him so Jukka and Chachi can sit together in the back. I laughed as I heard Jukka trying to teach Chachi some last minute Finnish. Chachi has been taking classes and trying really hard to pick up the language and she was actually doing really good. I tried to listen in more when Paul interrupted my concentration.

“Don’t go getting swept up by a foreign man now.”

“What makes you think I would?”

“Well they would be stupid to not be interested, you might give in to their international charms since my American ones clearly don’t work.” He joked, but I could almost hear an edge of disappointment in his words.

I just laughed and didn't respond. Paul found it sufficient enough as he smiled and focused back on the road as we approached LAX airport and it’s craziness.

“Departing Gate for Norweigin Air” Jukka stated as we approached our gate.

We parked, and Paul and Jukka unloaded all of our bags. Paul hugged us goodbye, kissed my cheek, and wished us safe travels. He returned to the car and pulled out leaving the 3 of us to get situated and checked in.

“Let’s just follow Jukka, he’s done this enough times” Chachi suggested and I nodded.

Let the adventure begin.