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Sleep Walking Past Hope

Chapter 3

“We’re here!!” One long flight later, and we finally landed. It was my time to be excited. While Chachi and Jukka spent the beginning of the flight filled with good nerves and jitters, I was sleeping and now well rested.

I couldn’t have been happier. I was finally visiting Finland and with my two best friends. It meant everything to me. These memories would be so special.

“Jarppi will be picking us up outside once we get our bags.” Jukka yawned.

“Yes! I haven’t seen him since he visited last. I miss him.” Jarppi was Jukka’s childhood best friend, along with him, HP, and Jarno they made up the Dudesons. They all went to school together in Seinäjoki, Finland where they grew up together. Jarppi and the rest of the crew would make frequent visits to Los Angeles to visit Jukka. I met him a couple of times prior today and he was a complete gentleman. Not to mention, funny. Jukka was a wildman by himself but when he was around his best friends it was tenfold.

We followed the signs through the small airport and made our way to the baggage carousel to collect our language. Chachi clung on to Jukka and shuffled along as he leads us outside to the car park. The moment he spotted Jarppi, he ran off to meet him and Chachi rolled her eyes.

“It’s like their instant teenagers every time they reunite.” She complained, but I noticed the admiration in her eyes for her boyfriend. She loved Jukka so much.

“Ladies! It’s nice seeing you two again!” Jarppi hugged us both. “Ready for your first Finnish adventure?”

“Joo!” Chachi yelled, which over time I learned is “Yes!” in Finnish.

“Well, tonight our friends are playing a rock show at a local club called Tavastia. So we’ll get you all settled in a hotel so you can be energetic for HIM”


“It’s 8 PM, and I still can’t figure out what to wear.”

“Does it matter? You’ll look good in anything” Chachi said while smacking my butt.

“Easy for the professional dancer to say” She had the perfect body. She was petite, with a flat toned stomach, a bubble butt, and cute boobs. She was beautiful.

Chachi sighed and gave me a look I knew all too well. She was there for the ending of my relationship, she knew me at my worst. “Saraya, please, your so gorgeous. I wish you saw what the rest of us sees.”
“You mean you”

“No, I mean all of us. I know you're beautiful, all the boys at home pine for you. Are you oblivious? Why do you think Paul flirts with you so much?”

“Paul is Paul. He’ll flirt with anyone.”

“Think about it, you don’t see Paul around anyone else. I do. He only flirts with YOU. You’re just not interested in him.”

“I’m not interested in anyone.”

“Saraya, I know you may not be ready, but I’d hate to see your dream guy come along and you miss out on it because you're not interested.”

“You’re thinking into it too much”. I rolled my eyes.

“Here, wear this.” Chachi gave up as she threw a small black dress at me.

I got dressed in the mid-thigh length dress. It was fitted to my curves and was made out of stretchy but soft cotton material. I was concerned about how Chilly it was outside was so I paired it with some knee highs and combat boots. My hair was straightened and I did my makeup with a bold red lip and dark cat eye. I was ready as ready could be. For some reason, my confidence was not here at all tonight.

Just on time, Jukka came into the room. “Cab is here!”
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