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Sleep Walking Past Hope

Chapter 5

The show ended and Saraya was lost for words. HIM was absolutely the type of music she was into and she loved every minute of that performance. She couldn’t count the times that she got goosebumps. Ville had a magical voice, and she found him beautiful. She quickly developed a bit of a fangirl crush on him and she was nervous to be meeting the man.

“Sooo, how’d you like it Raya?” Chachi asked excitedly.

“That was amazing. I'm officially a fan. Thank you guys for taking me!” Everyone cheered at my excitement. Jukka and the 69 Eyes got up letting us know they were gonna go meet the band backstage and meet us back out at our table.

I felt nervous immediately.

“Chachi I need more drinks.”

“Let’s go!” Chachi laughed grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the bar. Together we ordered shots for the whole table including Ville who we were expecting to join us soon. I also ordered another Vodka cranberry double. I needed liquid courage.

It was quite a wait at the bar due to all the concert goers getting last minute drinks before they filled out of the club for the night. By the time Chachi and I returned to the table with our drinks and the promises of shots on the way, the boys were already back with Ville and a man I recognized from the stage at our table. Ville was sitting right next to Jussi where I was sitting previously. Of course, that would be the only spot as the other one was clearly for Chachi located next to Jukka.

“Hey guys, I have a waitress bringing shots shortly” I smiled, gently sitting down next to the singer.

“Kittos” he smiled. I smiled back and extended my hand out to shake his own, but he grabbed it and kissed the top of my hand instead.

“My name is Ville” He stated.

I nodded and smiled. “Saraya.”

“So I’ve been told! I’ve heard a lot about you two. Haven’t seen Jukka in years and all he talks about is his girl and their best friend. Must be pretty special.”

I felt the heat in my cheeks immediately. I reached for my glass and took a big gulp. I was not drunk enough. Just as I set my glass back down, the waitress arrived with our shots.

“Thank goodness” I mumbled under my breath but Ville must have heard me because I caught him smirking at my remark. I glanced at him and he winked.

It’s going to be a long night.
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