Status: Looking for meaningful critique on the first draft of my book :)

Finding Strength (Working Title)

Sarah O’Malley is still reeling from her mother’s death from cancer two years ago. Her dad drinks too much to cope with the pain of the loss of her mother. Her best friend has moved away, and her other best friend has abandoned Sarah in her quest to be popular. Sarah feels invisible to her peers, lost among the crowd, and she has panic attacks. But then, she meets Noah, a teen who has had his own struggles: he has lived in foster care for years after his parents abandoned him and his sister for drugs. Sarah is immediately drawn to Noah, and he to her. They spend time together and quickly figure out that they like and, eventually love, each other. In the meantime, Sarah starts to take control of her life. She gets a job and makes a new friend, and, when her father is at his worst, she stands up to him. Sarah realizes that she contains strength she never knew she had, not only because of Noah, but because of the people who support her and choose to love her.

Author's note: I am hoping that I can get this story ready to submit to agents. I am looking for critique on pretty much everything: story flow, grammar, sentence structure, character development, any holes in the story I am missing, etc. I look forward to hearing from people on the site!