‹ Prequel: A King and A Girl

Queen of the Banished

“There’s also rumor of a shadow… a shadow that resembles Link here in Castle Town. Black, with glowing red eyes. Some people…” Sora paused as another guard walked by and lowered her voice again. “Some people think that… that Link’s dead, Ari. That he’s dead and the shadow is his ghost, haunting Castle Town and the castle grounds.” Ari went pale.

“Dead…?” Ari asked. “If he’s dead… then surely the Princess…” she shuddered. Sora smiled grimly.

An old enemy from centuries past reemerges to take back what is his. Friendships are tested, trust is broken, and life will never be the same again.
  1. A New Beginning
    Something strange is going on in Hyrule
  2. Nightmares (they haunt me)
    Zelda suspects something bad is going to happen
  3. Plans (the death of us)
    Ganondorf reveals what he’s been working on Gerudo language courtesy of @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr!
  4. A Cold Reception (a warm embrace)
    Ganondorf and Rabia go to Castle Town with a proposal Thanks to @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr for the Gerudo language!
  5. Respect (is a two way street)
    Rabia returns to the valley, discovers some happy news, and has a conversation with her step-daughter As always, a warm thank you to @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr for her amazing language!
  6. Taking Charge
    Rabia has a new plan in the works. All Gerudo language is thanks to @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr
  7. A Mysterious Meeting
    Rabia breaks the happy news to Ganondorf
  8. Alone (again, naturally)
    Zelda is worried, and Ganondorf leaves again
  9. Plans and Uncertainties
    Aveil meets a sand seal. Rabia's plans are well on their way
  10. A Darkness Returns
    Ganondorf's plans are revealed, and Rabia's friends are keeping something from her
  11. Secrets and Lies
    Rabia returns to Castle Town and senses a dark change in her husband
  12. The Announcement
    Zelda returns, and makes a shocking announcement.
  13. Rumors and Ghosts
    Rabia discovers something that sends her running
  14. Old Friends (old enemies)
    Rabia finds herself in Vaati's domain, and Kabira takes advantage All gerudo language courtesy of @Gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr!
  15. Rebellion
    A plan in motion
  16. Fire and Ice (don't mess with witches)
    Koume and Kotake have returned... and Sheik is in dire trouble
  17. The Triforce of Power
    Rabia is walking on glass around Ganondorf, and she's getting closer to learning what's going on
  18. Bravery (is foolishness dressed in armor)
  19. Desperation (is motivation)
    Ganondorf is angry and Rabia is in trouble
  20. Plans Revealed
    Ganondorf finds some reprieve from his demons. Rabia visits an old friend.
  21. The Best Spies (are the ones in your home)
    Ganon finds out who's been harboring Link and Zelda
  22. A Great Escape (another cage)
    Link and Zelda make their escape, and Sheik pays a visit to Kaikoura
  23. A Small Relief
    Rabia gets a small break from Ganon
  24. A Piece of Hope
    Link and Zelda receive a message
  25. Death's Day (life's day)
    Death's Day brings some unexpected events... and visitors
  26. Family Outings
    Some happier moments with the new family
  27. Home
    Zelda and Link retrieve the light arrows
  28. Reunion
    Rabia visits her family
  29. Into the Fray
    Zelda and Link have returned... and Ganon is waiting
  30. A Fight Won (a battle lost)
    The battle begins. All Gerudo language courtesy of @gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr!
  31. Facing the Abyss: Part 1
  32. Facing the Abyss: Part 2
    Ok I'm gonna be real here I don't remember what I rated this. There's some making out so like, children AVERT YOUR EYES Also... TW for domestic abuse
  33. The Goddess' Plan
    All gerudo language courtesy of @Gerudoshikyapril on Tumblr
  34. The Trial
    Will Zelda show them mercy?
  35. Towards the Sea
    They break the news to the women of the valley All Gerudo language courtesy of @gerudoshikyapril on tumblr!