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Queen of the Banished

Desperation (is motivation)

Rabia was pacing in her bedroom anxiously. Sheik watched her walk back and forth, his eyes narrowed. Downstairs, they could hear Ganondorf screaming at the guards. Rabia knew it wouldn’t be long until he sought her out, too. Suddenly, silence fell downstairs. Rabia froze mid pace as her door was flung open, cracking against the wall.

“What have you DONE?!” Ganondorf roared. Rabia took several hurried steps back as he approached, his face alight with fury.

“W-What?” she looked up at him with wide eyes, the color draining from her face.

“Please, explain to me why Zelda is GONE!” Ganondorf demanded, reaching for her. Then Kamilah was there, shoving her way between them and forcing Ganondorf back. She gave him a look.

“Do not touch her,” she snarled at him. The two glared darkly at each other

“Zelda’s gone?” Rabia asked in a quiet voice. Ganondorf blinked and looked back up at his wife.

“Yes,” he said stiffly. “Now… where did she go?” He had reigned in some of his anger, but was losing his patience with the situation fast.

“She was there not even half an hour ago,” Rabia said. “I just saw her. She was still there when I left!” Ganondorf loomed over her menacingly.

“Then how did she escape?!” Rabia flinched and wouldn’t meet his gaze.

“I-I… I don’t know. The guard had stepped away for a moment…” she bit her lip.

“The guard was gone. And you left.” He let out an agitated huff and ran his hand through his hair. “Do you have ANY idea what you’ve done?”

“I’m sorry… I thought... I thought she’d be right back.”

“...Get out of my sight.” Rabia scurried away, Kamilah close on her heels. Kamilah glanced back at Ganondorf with a dark glare before slamming the door behind them.

Ganondorf straightened his cape and smoothed back his hair, and, once their footsteps had faded, exited the room. He marched through the halls, servants and guards jumping out of his path for fear of the rage on his face. As he descended into the dungeons, an unnatural darkness followed. He reached the bottom floor and, ignoring the cowering guard for now, yanked open the door. The golden ward was still in place. Ganondorf frowned, reaching in. The spell hadn’t been tampered with. Then it dawned on him. A blood spell…

He swept back out of the cell block and grabbed the guard’s arm roughly.

YOU.” She let out a petrified squeak. “You were supposed to be WATCHING THEM.”

“I-I left them with-!” she started. He growled.

“You left Rabia with her imprisoned friends. What were you EXPECTING to happen?”

“I-I’m sorry-!” she stuttered. He snarled at her.

“You will await your punishment upstairs.” He waved her off. She ran up the stairs as fast as she could. Ganondorf turned to follow.

“Wait!” He froze. One of the cells was still occupied. He turned towards the cell, where a dark haired man with bright green eyes stared back. Ganondorf would have mistaken him for Finn had it not been for his darker complexion and softer eyes. “Rabia… you didn’t hurt her, did you?!” The tone was accusatory.

“She is none of your concern.”

“She’s my FRIEND.” He snapped back. Ganondorf strode up to his cell. The man stared him down.

“And you are...?” Ganondorf asked.

“Gunner,” the man spat. Ganondorf smiled coldly.

“A friend, you say? Are you sure? She’s never even spoken your name.” Gunner fell into a hurt silence. Ganondorf swept out of the dungeon and sent a new guard down, then made his way to the throne room to determine the other guard’s punishment.


Ganon wiped a blood splatter off his cheek as the guard was dragged away.

Clean up this mess,” he snapped. Kamilah hurried to obey, rushing off to grab a bucket of water and a brush; Several other servants hurried after her. Ganon stood and straightened his cape, then made his way to his office with purpose. He shut the door behind him and locked the door with a click. He had just settled into his desk when he was overtaken by a strong pressure behind his eyes. “What do you want.” Ganon growled.

Stay away from my wife! Ganondorf’s voice roared through his head. Ganon rolled his eyes.

Her usefulness has run it's course. If she gets in my way again... she will die.” He blinked and shook his head, and Ganondorf’s angry yells faded away.


During the last week of September, Rabia stayed holed up in her room. Ganondorf was so angry he was barely speaking to her. Rabia didn’t mind the space, even though it meant Dark Link and Sheik where with her at all times. Ganondorf was touchy lately, and Rabia was… tired.

For the past two days, Ganondorf had been absent and Rabia had barely slept or ate. She had received news from Aveil’s team, so Rabia sat at her desk, scribbling away furiously. Her project was almost complete - all that was left was finalizing some trade agreements. She was anxious to have the project complete before the baby came, but there wasn’t much time left. A knock at the door pulled her away from her thoughts.

“Rabia, can I come in?” Kamilah called through the door. Rabia blinked, the pen hovered over the page, a blot of ink collecting at the tip.

“Would you get that?” she asked absently, finishing the sentence she had been writing. Dark Link ignored her, but Sheik shrugged and opened the door.

“Rabia, what have you been doing in h…” the words died on her lips as she took in her ink-stained daughter. “You need a bath,” Kamilah said after a moment. She walked over to Rabia and wiped an ink splotch off her cheek. “A long one.”

“I’m almost done,” Rabia shrugged Kamilah off. Kamilah tilted her head, but decided that pushing Rabia right now wouldn’t be in her best interest. She took a seat at the end of the bed and watched her continue to write.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“...Project,” Rabia mumbled. “Aveil is helping.”

“Oh, goddesses… it’ll never get done, then,” Kamilah snorted.

“It’s almost done, now… just a few more touches.” Rabia finished off the page with a large signature, then looked it over with a frown and groaned. “I spelled agreement wrong… now I have to start over…” Rabia’s eyes filled with overtired, hormonal, frustrated tears.

“I think it’s time for a break,” Kamilah said. She stood and pulled her daughter up from the desk.

“But I have to finish!” Rabia insisted. “You don’t understand - it’s important.”

“So is taking care of yourself,” Kamilah said gently. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. Sheik can look it o-” Rabia snatched the paperwork up before Sheik could get a glance.

“No, I’ll do it myself,” she said. She rolled up the parchment and followed Kamilah into the other room. After a quick bath and some food, Rabia completed her paperwork and sent it back to the team in the valley, then fell into bed.
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