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Queen of the Banished

A Piece of Hope

Link woke with a start when he heard footsteps hurrying towards them across the sand. They were tucked away along a sand dune and shouldn’t be visible, yet there was someone coming straight towards them. He drew his sword and jumped out in front of the would-be assailant before they could reach Zelda. He froze when he recognized the postman, staring at him with wide eyes, still huffing for breath.

“I’ve come to deliver a letter!” he said. Zelda woke with a start at the postman’s cheerful voice.

“Link?” she asked, rubbing sand from her eyes.

“It’s alright, Zelda. The Postman brought us a letter,” Link said. He took the parcel and thanked the man, who grinned at them and jogged away.

“What’s it say?” Zelda asked. Link sat beside her on the blanket they’d spread out.

“It’s from Kaikoura,” he said. He undid the seal and opened the letter, reading through it quickly. “Sheik isn’t brainwashed anymore, and he seems to think your light arrows might be the way to defeat Ganon,” Link said, handing her the page. She skimmed it as well and nodded.

“Okay. Where did you hide them?” Zelda asked.

“The Lost Woods, where no one else could get them,” Link said. He rolled up their bedrolls and shoved some things into his pack, then paused when his hand brushed against what felt like ceramic. He dug through the pack, and fished out the object. At some point during their stay at the Spirit Temple, Nabooru had slipped him the Ocarina of Time. Link shouldered the pack and bedrolls and looked at Zelda. “Hold on tight.” Zelda wrapped her arms around him. Once Link was certain she had a sturdy grip he played the Minuet of Forest, and the two were whisked away.
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