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The Boy in Blue

Wading through the moist and green forest, I could smell the distinct scent of pine and hastily chopped wood. It wrapped itself around me, creating a tango that I avoided, I didn't need to add anymore stick to me. The salt and grime from the lake clung tight.

I traced the patterns of the bark, memorizing them to my memory. Just like fingerprints, each one was different. They told their own story.

My small town of Jasper, Alberta of Canada, was famous for its picturesque setting, thriving plant and animal life and, most notably, Salt Lake. It didn't offer much, with a ridiculous population of less than five-thousand – but it was home, and it meant a lot to me.

Coming to the end of the trees, the glow of morning shone right into my eyes. Shielding them quickly, my eyes raked over the sight of true civilization.

I found Jesse's apartment easily, most largely due to the yellow hand-painted window frames. About a two minute walk from here. Nobody would notice me, right?

The first second I touched concrete, I squeaked a little. In pain, in surprise; mainly because I never prepared myself for it. I forgot about the change in texture.

Hopping, maybe even jogging, towards my destination, I swerved oncoming cars and a few familiar faces. I didn't want to talk to anyone who wasn't Jesse just yet.

Making it close enough, I could hear the mellow drone of his music. At least he was home.

I reached the fire exit and frantically began ascending the ladder. When I reached the appropriate level, I was instantly welcomed with the vision of Jesse sitting by his desk, pencil in his mouth, as he smeared his charcoal all over his next Magnum Opus. His denim wear cast a cerulean glimmer across the sheet.


Upon hearing me, he swiveled in his chair and met my gaze. Dark brown eyes burrowed inside, digging their way and never looking to rise again.

Knowing pleasantries were not what I came here for, he helped bring me into his room. His large hands tangled themselves in my brittle hair.

"Tell me I'm dreaming." I pleaded.

"Whoa, hey." His voice was soft; gentle, as he held me closer. "It's okay. You're okay. I mean, yeah, you're all wet and gross but I don't see any – you're shivering."

Dropping his hands and rubbing them all over my arms, I listened to the bristles of our skin and felt the steady beat of his pulse through his warm flesh. And right now... heat would be heaven.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, letting myself sink into him. Jesse was solid. He didn't move, or crush my lungs or make me choke. He was bone and marrow, made of DNA. And alive.

In a time and place when I didn't remember the last twenty four hours, that was everything.

"Don't let go."