Status: Just a fun random story for you guys (feat. Tom Holland)

EP and Boy Wonder: The Tale of Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince

“Trust in your heart.”

I don’t remember how we got back to the palace – and even if I did it wouldn’t have any bearing on the story so I wouldn’t want to bore you with a description of how we got here (except there was some lightning involved, possibly) - but here we were standing near the aviary. The birds were silent as if they knew the moment merited it. It was just Tom, the Prince and I and we stood in an awkward silence until Jon broke it with an apologetic cough.

“I should have known trouble would come your way, and I apologise.” He grimaced and cast his eyes in my direction. “I could go on about how the government is kinda corrupt and like to think anything new is a threat, but I honestly don’t think that’s why they arrested you.”

Tom frowned at him. “I don’t think we were even formally charged with anything?”

The prince sighed and spread his hands out in front of him and said, “You two weren’t.”

I felt something in my chest tighten at his words. I took a step forward and reached out before pulling my hands back and clenching them at my sides.


Jon looked away from us and said, in a murmur, “They think he’s Raphael.”

I blinked; Tom said, incredulously, “But, EP doesn’t even look like Pierre.”

I shot him a look, which he returned just as direct.

“Hey, even I can tell they’re not identical. Pierre has lighter eyes.”

I shook my head. “Yeah, unless he doesn’t.”

Tom gave me a confused look but I ignored it and turned back to Jon. “Do you know where he and Peter are?”

Jon’s lips twitched a little as he said, “Peter is back at Stark Tower with Tony. Pierre…I’m not sure where he is.” He met my gaze. “But, I think you have the power to find him.”

After he said that there was even more silence. My abilities weren’t something I usually talked about. Unless it was EP or Pierre I was talking to, and even then we never said the words out loud to each other. I mean aside from telling and showing Tom that I could teleport, and mentioning my telepathy and…

And it wasn’t like I wanted to look like the Mary Sue of this story, right? That’s not how real life worked. We weren’t in the middle of a fairy tale. We, Tom and I, were in another universe, stuck here with no way to get back to our Earth. Unless Tony Stark was able to figure out the anomaly. Or at least, that was what Fury told us.

“Marly,” Tom said, “What does he mean?”

I squeezed my eyes shut, shook my head in a firm movement and said, “I’m not strong enough.”

I heard a footstep near to me and squinted at Jon who was standing closer to me again. He said, with a smirk, “You need someone to channel it for you.”

I swallowed hard, shaking my head before glancing at Tom. He gave me an encouraging smile, even though he still seemed perplexed.

I took a deep breath and held out both my hands, closing my eyes. “Alright…how are we doing this?”

Jon reached out and placed a hand over mine. As he did a tingling sensation bloomed over my skin; I gasped. He gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. “Just focus on Pierre. Don’t worry about what I’m doing.”

I cracked open an eyelid. “Is this safe?”

Jon laughed a little. “Raphael told me you enjoyed living dangerously.”

I groaned at that. But didn’t dignify him with an answer. I closed my eye again and exhaled as I centred myself. I allowed an image of Pierre to form in my mind and then I opened my own mind so I could form a connection, and as his image began to become more solid I felt the tingling from Jon’s hand intensify. So much so that my whole body felt that it was alight. All of a sudden I could feel Pierre’s presence stronger than ever as if he was here in the aviary with us. His aura was overwhelming. But, that couldn’t be…I wasn’t able to…?

‘Whoa! What the fuck?!”

Jon released my hand which sent me reeling back to reality. I was trembling all over, my hands shaking. When I was able to focus on the aviary area I was able to see the results of my attempt. He was standing there, looking as shocked as I felt.


He shook his head slowly and, with a crooked smile, said, “I didn’t know you could do that.”

I stared at him then said, “Jon helped.”

Pierre tilted his head toward the Prince and said, “Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure.” Jon smiled, before turning to Tom who was observing us, speechless. “This isn’t your normal day, is it?”

Tom shook his head but finally found his voice. “I know I work in the movie business. But, this is harder to believe.”

Jon nodded then looked at me.

I squinted at him. “I have a question.”

“Of course, I’ll try to answer it.”

I straightened, folding my arms over my chest. “Why would EP be in trouble with the authorities here?”

Pierre, who was standing next to me now, said, “I think I can shine some light on that.”

I turned to him, biting my lip. He met my gaze with a frown.

“He’s a fugitive. There’s a bill that the local government is trying to pass to outlaw Specials.”

“What the heck is a special?” I waved my hand toward the Prince. “A science experiment caused him to get lightning…Spider-Man is real and you’re telling me that EP is a “Special”? What does that even mean?”

Pierre rubbed a hand over his face. “People who have powers that the government can’t control.”

Tom spoke up then. “So, Peter and Tony and all of them are government sanctioned superheroes or something?”

Pierre nodded, expression grim as he said, “EP…Raphael is a rogue. He has a series of genes that are only found in a small percentage of the population. The scientists here don’t understand how the genes work, but what they do know is that those people with them are exponentially more powerful than any other person in this state.”

I sank down to a crouch and ran my fingers through my hair. “And understandably the authorities think they’re a threat?”

Pierre nodded.

Tom scowled at him. “Where did you get this information?”

Pierre’s lip curled a little. “Let’s just say, I managed to pick at a few people’s minds.”

I blinked and even the Prince seemed impressed.

“Seems like you’re just as powerful as Raph.”

“Stands to reason,” I said, pointing out the fact that he and EP were genetically linked. Then I reached up to squeeze at his bicep. “That’s why I love you.”

Pierre rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but you didn’t marry me.”

I slapped his arm. “You know why that is. It wouldn’t have been fair to you and EP.”

“I know. I know.” Pierre squeezed my waist then shook himself to look at the Prince. “They’re going to realise I’m gone soon and come looking for us. But, before we try to figure out what we’re going to do about that. I know Stark called it in. Why?”

Jon opened his mouth but there was a sudden crackle from the invisible speakers in the aviary and a voice echoed around us.

“That’s an astute observation you made there, Mr Bouvier. And you’re right. I did call it in. But, not for the reasons you think.”

Pierre released me and stepped toward the entrance of the aviary atrium and said, with just a hint of frustration in his voice, “Come here and talk to us in person, Anthony.”

“I can’t right now, as I have the police on my doorstep demanding answers. But, I will tell you this: Raphael needs you right now. And your girlfriend can get you to him.”

“That doesn’t tell us why you did it,” Pierre snapped.

“I will explain when next we meet. You need to get to Raphael first. Ms Walker…trust in your heart. It will guide you true.”

There was silence after the last of his words seemed to fade into the air and we stared at each other, not quite comprehending what had happened.

But, then Pierre and Tom turned to look at me as Prince Jon stepped forward again and held out his hands. I swallowed hard, feeling the weight of the responsibility of the situation settle upon my soul. Could I do this? I’d never been able to teleport to someone that I couldn’t feel or see where they were before. Then again, I’d never been able to transport someone else from another place before. And here stood Pierre as proof that I was capable of doing so.

Still, it was a daunting proposition.

“Marly?” Pierre said, prompting me gently to action. “You can do this.”

The others smiled their encouragement as well. So, I took a deep breath and grasped onto Jon’s hands. As I felt the tingle of an electric charge cross between our palms and mumbled for the others to hold onto me, I allowed my eyes to close and felt Stark’s parting words echo in my mind…

Trust in your heart. It will guide you true.