Status: Just a fun random story for you guys (feat. Tom Holland)

EP and Boy Wonder: The Tale of Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince

“That explains everything, and nothing.”

Peter Parker

Superheroes are a real thing here in Jersey State. Well, super enhanced-humans are a thing. This has been mentioned before, but I must stress this point – they are not welcome here. And the more powerful ones…they all originate from one source. Just the one. Lord Anthony Stark. What do I mean by that?

Well, he created them.

I know. Shocking, right?

How, you ask? Genetic modification and enhancement in the womb. Novel genes are spliced into the mothers egg, directly into the womb via a special injection. GenModIV is the perfected strain which Tony used to create the most powerful of the enhanced-humans. And, well, the government didn’t react well to that. They shut down his lab and threatened to have him arrested. But, in the end his work was too valuable to just throw it all away. So, they employed him to do government approved research on ways to combat the growing enhanced-human ‘problem’.

Unbeknownst to them, Tony continued his other work as well as smuggling the families he had created out of our world. And, that’s where Pierre and Raphael come in. They are the first second-generation set of twins – their parents were GenMod creations from separate germ lines – and hence they were born enhanced and not created. Tony was still researching the consequences of their birth when he sent their whole family to Earth 261.

Now that they are back home, it’s not safe for them, or anyone else, until Tony can figure out what their capabilities are. And, I’m the one tasked to make sure the twins don’t get caught by the authorities, again.

I know, I kinda failed at that the last time. Tony tells me not to beat myself up about it, though, since he technically called it in. And I think we were all caught off guard, what with the Prince getting involved and those other people from Earth 261. Including my own Genetic twin. He was a surprise. But, I guess I don’t know enough about their Earth to know how that works. Especially since Pierre and Raphael actually both originated here. And I’m not sure they actually know that.

Tony knows, for sure.


I shook my head and turned from the monitor I was glaring at. Screens are obsolete in the main. However, Tony likes them for the tactile experience it affords him. And some information is best stored on older technology as its not as easily accessed.

“What is it, Stark?”

Tony pointed behind me. I swivelled in the opposite direction and blinked hard. Marly and Jon were standing there, strained expressions on their faces.

“You need to come with us,” Marly said, a tremor in her voice.

I frowned, glancing at Tony. “We’re still working on a way to get you guys home.”

She nodded. “I know. But, this is important.”

Tony spoke up. “Go. I can continue without you, Pete. JARVIS has everything programmed to run on its own now.”

I felt a shiver run up my spine as I looked back to the other two. “Where are you?”

They held out their hands without responding. I swallowed hard before grasping their hands, and a sense of foreboding swept over me as we vanished back to their location.


The first thing I determined when we arrived at our destination was that Tom was alone. And he wasn’t in a good state of mind.

“Marly!” He raced forward and grabbed at her hands. He couldn’t get his words out fast enough, tripping over them, frantic. “PierreandEParegonetheytoookthem.”

I shook my head and held out my palms. “Slow down, Tom.”

He took a deep shuddering breath and met my gaze, steadying and said, slower, “As soon as those two left,” he nodded to my companions, “this black helicopter came out of nowhere and Fury was there with the Guard…and they…” He paused, I saw his Adam’s apple move as he swallowed hard. “I can’t explain…”

I frowned, glancing at Marly, who for some reason didn’t seem worried by this development. In fact, she was smiling.

“Care to explain your smile?” I asked, sharp.

“They’re still here. I can feel them.” She shifted Tom’s grip and squeezed his hands. “Don’t worry. They haven’t got them.”

Tom groaned. “But, I saw…”

“It doesn’t matter what you saw. Pierre and EP are still here.” Her brow furrowed. “At least, part of them.”

I realised what she meant. Their physical forms must be on the helicopter. And that posed a dilemma. Especially considering that one thing I’d told Marly when we first met.

“You know when I said Raphael was an angel, right?”

She gave me a weird look. “I’d forgotten that.”

I nodded, “Don’t worry. A lot’s happened since then. Well…”

“He’s not an angel, is he?”

“No. He and Pierre are both natural born enhanced-humans.”

Marly looked at me, brows drawn together. “Pierre?”

I nodded and said, “Didn’t you know? They’re twins.”

She shook her head hard. “I know they’re genetically linked…but, I thought Pierre was from my Earth, like Tom.”

I mirrored her action, smiling a little. “No. Pierre is really Raphael’s twin.”

She whistled through her teeth. “That explains everything. And nothing.”

“I know. And, I’m sorry.”

Marly heaved a sigh before adding, almost as an afterthought, “You said…Natural born?”

I figured she would latch on to that part of my statement.

I closed my eyes, trying to think of the best way to explain. “Their parents were genetically modified…creations.”

Jon interrupted then and said, “Are you saying that Stark…?”

I nodded, pressing my lips together hard.

Marly took a step back and glared at me. “Are you saying Tony created Pierre and EP?”

“No. They were born naturally. No one thought it was possible. But, it happened.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. “Tony suspects that may be the reason why they’re so powerful. But, he hasn’t been able to prove it. Yet.”

“How powerful?”

Powerful enough to separate from our physical forms and still be present.

I shifted my gaze to a point behind Tom and squinted a little. “Raphael?”

And Pierre. His voice was clear as day. Don’t worry, we’re fine. Fury won’t harm our bodies. They’re too valuable to his cause.

Marly followed my line of sight and took a step in their direction. “How do we get you back?”

A growl. Oh, don’t worry about that. We have a plan.