Status: Just a fun random story for you guys (feat. Tom Holland)

EP and Boy Wonder: The Tale of Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince

“Let me introduce you to Iron Man.”

EP and his plans. I have to tell you something about EP. He doesn't do anything by halves. Ever. Neither does Pierre. I guess that's part of the reason Simple Plan is as successful as they are today. But, that's not what I want to point out. These two men aren't afraid of anything. Except maybe losing my friendship. Losing me. But, other than that, sometimes I suspect they were born without a fear gene.

Anyway, EP says he's going to return to his body to find out where they're being held – his and Pierre's bodies' - then he is going to pretend to be compliant and go along with whatever will be happening there. In the mean time, Pierre is going to get us back into the City proper. He won't tell us how he's going to do that, though. That's causing Peter some anxiety, but Pierre won't budge on it. And he has something else up his sleeve that he isn't mentioning at all, but I knew. I could just tell. And I think its something he knows that will distress me, and so is keeping mum on it. That bothers me, but I've learned through past experience not to press him for information.

Oh, and something else, Pierre had managed to manifest a somewhat physical appearance, even though his actual body is not here. To make it easier for us to communicate with him. So, he's here, but he's not.

Peter was agitated, pacing up and down beneath the shade of the Oak; Tom and Jon were like me, waiting patiently, but somewhat anxious...

"Do you think this will work?" Tom asked me in a whisper.

I gave a slight nod. "It will. It might not work the way we want it to work. But, it will work."

Peter swung toward me, scowling. "What do you mean?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "You just have to trust them."

Pierre came over to us then, having been with EP ensuring he got back to where the bodies were. You guys ready?

I inhaled deeply and nodded. Tom and Jon also gave tentative nods. Peter glowered at him.

"I want to know how you're going to get us back. And where..."

Pierre held up the palms of his hands, then pointed upwards. We're catching a lift.

At that moment we all heard it, the soft whir of helicopter blades and we looked upwards to see the vehicle above us with the word STARK emblazoned along one side.

"Tony..." Peter breathed out, shock on his face.

Pierre grinned as the door on the side slid open to reveal the Tony Stark himself leaning out waving to us.

Yep, he came through for us.

As he spoke, a rope ladder was passed down to us. One at a time we clambered up into the body of the helicopter then buckled ourselves in for the ride. Pierre was the last one up the ladder. He paused by my side to squeeze my shoulder before heading to join Stark at the front. I shivered a little at his touch; it was somewhat disconcerting not being able to fully feel his skin against mine.

Stark turned to us, brow furrowed. "We're going in dark, so no one will know we're coming."

Peter said, "Where exactly are we headed?"

"Stark Tower, evidently."

I frowned. "Won't they be suspecting something like that?"

"No. Because, now they have Raphael and Pierre's bodies they don't need to watch me anymore. They think they've succeeded." Stark smiled grimly. "They're sorely mistaken, of course. And Raphael will keep them in the dark on that one."He pointed out the window. "There's a storm coming."

I blinked, a little surprised by the apparent change of the subject. But, Pierre wasn't surprised at all.

He's angry.

Tony nodded, "And willing to do anything to cover our asses. So, we'll take advantage of that."

"Wait," Tom said, "EP-Raphael is causing that storm?"

Yes, Pierre said. It's kinda his thing.

I rolled my eyes. "Isn't that Thor's thing?"

Tony cleared his throat drawing my attention away from Pierre and Tom. I looked at him askance.

He shook his head at me. "Some questions don't need answers. Just relax and enjoy the trip."

I huffed but relented, learning back in my seat and ensuring the buckles were secure. Whether I was ready for what was to come, I really had no idea. It's not like this was a commonplace situation after all. Weird things happened in my life, but this beat anything I'd ever been through before. Even after losing my husband. Not that that was a comparable situation. I missed my late husband something chronic, but having Pierre and EP's companionship had helped so much in this season. I couldn't lose them too, and I guess that was the real reason I was so anxious.

Who would I turn to for inspiration if I lost them? Yes, the writer in me was thinking about that. Priorities, right?

I turned to look out the window of the helicopter and blinked as I watched the landscape expand below us. The surrounding land around the place where Pierre and EP were raised was...

"There's nothing else out here," Tom said, his voice holding as much surprise as I knew I felt.

Tony nodded. "The Bouvier's felt it was safer to reside where no one could see them."

I latched onto his choice of words. "Did they have some kind of protective barrier on their property?"

Tony smiled at me. "You got it in one. They were resourceful and had the technology to build a proverbial wall around the land they resided on."

I shook my head slowly. Tom laughed a little. "So, why did Pierre end up on our earth?"

"It became too dangerous for them to remain here." Peter was the one who spoke up. "Their parents separated them, sending Pierre to your earth, and Raphael...well he disappeared for years."

I frowned. "Disappeared?"

"Yes, and then he resurfaced on our radar just as he broke through to your world." Tony pointed at Pierre. "He went looking for you, and we knew that if he succeeded that it would spell trouble. At least for those who were trying to keep you apart."

Pierre rolled his eyes and said, Good for those who want change, though. He leaned forward, speaking emphatically. It's high time we took back control of our own destiny.

I nodded, noting that his physical form was flickering so I could see through him. The effort he was using to project an image of himself external from his actual body must have been immense. But, it was an obvious sign of the power that he had.

"You should meet us at Stark Tower," I suggested. Pierre looked at me then glanced at the others who all appeared to notice the same thing as me.

"Yes, save your strength," Peter noted.

Pierre nodded and lifted a hand before vanishing from our presence.

Peter looked at us, then out the window. "We're close. I hope you're all ready."

"Are you?" Tom retorted.

Peter gave a grim smile and tapped at his wrist. At the gesture his Spider-suit materialised covering him completely. Then he pointed to Tony who laughed low, tapping at his chest to activate his own suit.

"Let me introduce you to Iron Man."