Status: Just a fun random story for you guys (feat. Tom Holland)

EP and Boy Wonder: The Tale of Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince


I was laying on the couch with my iPadPro open in front of me, typing in my Notes app, the rest of the world blocked out. How? EarPods in blasting the score to Far From Home in my ears, obviously. Well, the the Far From Home Suite Home track at the very least... I was trying to come up with something for this story.

Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince.

“What the heck is Plasma made up of anyway?” I asked out loud, allowing the question to hang in the air.

The sound of a throat being cleared forced my attention away from the screen. EP was leaning against the door, smirking.


“I might know someone who could help answer that question.”

I tilted my head, removing an earbud from my ear. “Who?”

EP stepped away from the door, allowing it to open to reveal a young man who looked extremely familiar...


Deep brown eyes flashed. “Who’s Tom?”

Huh? “What do you mean, who’s Tom? You’re Tom were just here the other day?” I was totally confused. I squinted at the guy in the doorway. From the dark wavy hair to the slightly crooked, yet strong nose, to the sharp jawline, it was identical to the actor who had just been here a day ago...

He gave a soft laugh, shaking his head. “I’m Peter.”

I stared at him, then at EP, then back at him. “Peter?”

“Peter Parker,” He tipped his fingers to his forehead, “at your service.”

I swallowed hard. “Peter...Parker?” My voice came out in a squeak.

He smiled more. “Yep. Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.”

I groaned, sitting up and pushing my iPad onto the couch next to me. This could not be happening. Not really. But then again, I thought about Tom’s reaction when EP had mentioned Loki. I stared hard at the kid, young man, in front of me.

“Yeah, right. That’s not funny, Tom.” Maybe they were pranking me...

His brow furrowed. “I’m not joking.”

EP spoke up then. “Tom’s back home in Richmond taking his dog for a walk, Marlz. Pete’s not lying to you.”

I shivered a little. “You’re serious.”

Peter nodded, folding his arms over his chest. “EP found me stuck in the Inbetween.”

I frowned. “You seem very familiar with EP.”

Peter glanced at him then back at me. “You ever wonder why two Pierre’s exist?”

I blinked. “They were one person and then split into two.”

EP shook his head. “We told you that.”

I rubbed at my face in disbelief. “But, I saw...”

“You saw what we wanted you to see, babe.” He nodded to Peter. “I’m actually from his reality.” He came over to me and rested a hand on my shoulder. “I crossed over when Pierre was at a loss with your relationship...don’t ask me how or why...but suffice to say, that ripped the fabric between our world and yours.” He glanced at Peter again. “I guess that’s how you got stuck.”

Peter snorted. “Fury told me to investigate what was going on. I didn’t expect to bump into you, Raphael.”

“What?” I shook my head again. “He’s Pierre...”

Peter said, “In your world he is. But, in ours his name is Raphael and he’s an angel. But, maybe that’s a bit much for you to take.”

I stared at him but then laughed. “No. Because Loki is here too.”

Peter blinked. “’d he?”

“Probably same way EP did.” I scrunched my face up. “Anyway...I think...I need a moment.”

I stood up and stepped away from the two of them. I heard EP mutter a soft word to Peter and they moved across to the kitchen letting me have some space.

How in the world did I manage to get myself into this situation. EP was really some angel called Raphael from another reality...and Peter Parker - Spider-Man - was real in that said reality. And he was also identical to Tom Holland. How did that even happen. Was there maybe a Universe where Peter Parker looked identical to Andrew or Tobey? Was there a doppelgänger of myself? Were there doppelgängers of the rest of the guys in Simple Plan? And how would this help me write my story.

I needed a change of scenery. Stat.

Shutting my eyes tight, I visualised a park in the middle of Richmond, England and as I started to vanish I felt the twin rushes of both EP and Peter following me. I ignored them though, landing myself right in the middle of a pile of leaves where two excitable Staffies were snuffling in. One was a blue staffie that looked extremely familiar. I’d seen her in photos...

“Tessa! Get out of there!”

I blinked and turned to see Tom rushing over to grab onto the blue’s collar, pulling her away. And then he took a double take when he saw me.


I grinned sheepishly. “Hey...thought I’d drop by for a visit.”

“How’d you know I was here?”

I pushed myself up. “Lucky guess, I suppose.” I glanced around to make sure EP and Peter hadn’t appeared. I didn’t think Tom needed to see the latter just yet. At least until I’d a chance to speak to him. Though, ya laid plans and all.

“Hey, Marlz!”

Tom looked passed me. “Isn’t that EP?”

I turned my head to see EP jogging toward us. I let out a silent sigh of relief when I noticed Peter wasn’t with him.

“Hey, sorry about that...I needed to get away.”

EP stopped next to me and smiled. “It’s okay. Hey, Tom.”

Tom lifted a hand but then frowned looking back over his shoulder just as Tessa started barking. She pulled away from Tom’s hold and ran over to the base of a large tree. She kept barking but then yelped and backed off as a figure in a red and blue body suit and mask seemed to drop from the tree, upside down, hanging from what looked like webbing.

Tom blinked hard. “What the?”

EP smirked. “That’s my friend. Spider-Man.”

I couldn’t help but stare, even though I knew who was behind the mask.

Spider-Man waved to the three of us before dropping to his feet and walking toward us. Tessa stopped barking but seemed confused as she followed him.

Tom frowned. “Spider-Man?”

The masked figure nodded his head then turned to look at me for a moment as if he was gauging whether he should reveal himself. I lifted my shoulders a little. I couldn’t decide whether it was a good idea or not.

But, EP said, “You should introduce yourself properly, P.”

Peter tilted his head then turned his gaze back to Tom. Then he lifted his hands to his mask and peeled it off over his head.

Tom took a step back, eyes widening. “What?!”

Peter held out his hand. “I’m Peter Parker.”

“You...” Tom’s face had gone white. “You...look....”

“Like you,” Peter finished for him. “Yes. And I can tell you if we sequenced both our genomes, they’d be identical.”

“ can help me explain Plasma,” I blurted.

Tom, EP and Peter all looked at me. Then Tom looked back at Peter the three of them completely ignoring my interruption, which I didn’t mind, really.


Peter waved a hand at EP. “Same as he and Pierre...look the same. Different universes.”

Tom scowled. “That’s not a thing.”

Peter scoffed. “Then explain me, Holland.”

Tom crouched down next to Tessa and scratched behind her ears. “Is that just a costume?” He indicated the suit he was wearing with his chin.

“No. I’m actually Spider-Man. I guess you could say superhero’s are real in my universe.” Peter held out both his wrists to show him the webshooters. “Made these myself, and the webs. Tony was impressed.”

Tom frowned more. “Tony Stark is real?”

“I bet he’s RDJ,” I muttered to EP. He just winked at me. “Figures...”

Peter nodded then crouched down in front of Tom. “Sorry to startle you.”

“No. No. I’m just...well.” Tom bit his bottom lip. “This doesn’t happen every day.”

“I’m sure it doesn’t.” Peter straightened and pulled his mask back on. “Perhaps we should go somewhere more private.”

Tom stood, after hooking Tessa’s leash to her collar. “I think it’s a bit late for privacy…anyone near by would’ve seen you hanging from that tree over there.”

Peter laughed. “Well, then. I’ll just say this, Tom, things are going to get weirder from here on out.”

Just what we all wanted to hear…