Status: Just a fun random story for you guys (feat. Tom Holland)

EP and Boy Wonder: The Tale of Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince

“You think Peter Parker could fix that?”

“You’re actually Spider-Man?”

Paddy, Sam and Harry were trying to get around Peter’s explanation of who he was. Tom and I were attempting to mediate the situation before it became too heated.

“Pull the other one…”

“Yeah, Spider-Man ain’t real. Tom played him in a movie.”

“That’s right.”

“Then explain why I look exactly like your brother.”

“That doesn’t make you Spider-Man. That makes you a…a…Tom lookalike.”

“A ‘lookalike’. Right. Okay. That’s not how this is.”

“You stole our brother’s….looks.”

“Uh-huh. Maybe I’m his long lost twin.” Peter rolled his eyes.

I glanced at Tom who was actually smiling at the inanity of the situation. “You could be. I mean it’s not like my brothers were at my birth. I am the oldest Holland kid.”

Peter shook his head. “That’s a cop out. They deserve the truth.”

“Doesn’t sound like you’re telling the truth,” Sam sneered.

Peter groaned. “Okay. Different question. How’d I get in your apartment.”

Harry scoffed, “You climbed up the drain on the outside and through the open window.”

Peter opened his mouth just as Pierre Bouvier materialised in the middle of the room.

“Nah, he actually teleported here, and now he’s gotta come with me downtown.”

I jumped a little at his appearance and Tom started before squinting at him.


Pierre smirked at the younger male. “Nope. I’m Pierre.”

The twins and Paddy blinked at him, shock written all over their faces. I could tell this was fast becoming a big mess.

“What the Hell just happened?” Sam said.

“You’re the lead singer of Simple Plan,” Harry exclaimed at the same time.

Pierre smiled at them in response and nodded before turning to Peter and I. “You two need to come with me, we have a problem.”

I shook my head. “Where’s EP?”

“Sent him back home to track vocals for the new album. I’m here to supervise the situation.” Pierre crossed his arms as he glanced across to the Holland brothers. “Sorry about this intrusion.” He went to grab my hand. I pulled it away, glowering at him.

“What’s the problem.”

“I found Pete’s friend. He’s causing havoc downtown. Not intentionally. Think he’s scared. Police have set up a blockade.”

I rubbed at my eyes. “Why do I need to go? Just take Peter and go sort it out.”

Pierre sighed, turning to Peter. “Come on then, Spidey. Let’s go rescue Jonathan.” He looked at me and pointed a finger. “Behave yourself.”

Before I could react to his warning both he and Peter vanished from the apartment, leaving three Holland brothers looking stunned and Tom standing with a grim look on his face.

“Marly,” Tom started. I looked at him; his brow was furrowed and his gaze was almost stern.


“I think you need to explain everything to my brothers.”

I turned to face Sam, Harry and Paddy who were staring at me with intent expressions.

I rubbed my face for what felt like the hundredth time this day. “Okay? Where do you want me to start?”

Harry snorted, “Not to sound cliché, but the beginning would be nice.”

I shifted my stance then nodded as I settled into telling them everything that happened since I met Tom several days ago. Hard to fathom that it was only that amount of time, to be honest. I could see the varying degrees of disbelief and shock on his younger brothers’ faces; though they did at least listen to the tale.

Once I was done I waited for their responses. Tom stood back from them, arms folded, waiting as well.

Sam shook his head. “I’d be inclined to not believe you…except that I don’t see Tom denying any of this.” He looked at his older brother. “What she told us is true, isn’t it?”

Tom nodded slowly. “Yes. As hard as it is to fathom. Yes. It’s all true. Well, at least the parts I was involved in.”

Harry frowned. “How do you mean?”

I sighed. “Everything I just told you is true. Some of it is new to me too. Up until this point I thought EP and Pierre were split souls…but, apparently no. EP, or Raphael as Pete knows him as, is from his world.” I gave a wry smile. “I wouldn’t blame you for not believing it. I’ve had about 15 years to get my head around the oddness which is having two Pierre’s in my life. And about a day to get used to having a real Spider-Man in my life.”

Tom lifted his hand. “At least you don’t look like him.”

“True.” I laughed but then frowned as a phone began to ring.

Tom flushed and pulled his out from his pocket. “That’s me.” His brow furrowed once more as he answered. And his gaze darkened considerably as he listened to whomever it was on the other end.

He took a sharp indrawn breath before muttering, “You’ll have to excuse me…I need a moment.” Then he hung up the call. “Fuck…”

I squinted but said nothing as Harry said, “What was that about?”

Tom grimaced, shaking his head. “That was my agent. Sony has…Sony is taking back control of the rights to Spider-Man.”


Tom exhaled, roughly. “Spider-Man is no longer part of the MCU. Disney and Sony couldn’t come to an agreement on financing.” He looked up at his brothers then at me before flopping back on the couch and staring up at the ceiling. “You think Peter Parker could fix that?”