Status: Just a fun random story for you guys (feat. Tom Holland)

EP and Boy Wonder: The Tale of Pierre Bouvier and the Part Plasma Prince

“One hundred and twenty-one.”

Waiting was never one of my strong points. Both Pierre and EP could vouch for that. But, being here in Jon’s palace was actually quite fascinating and the aviary held most of my attention.

Tom came to stand next to me, peering up at a pigeon that was staring back at us with one beady eye.

“I’m sorry I lied to you earlier.”

I frowned a little. “You mean when you appeared in your yard?”

“Yes. Then. I didn’t know what you’d think.”

I turned to face the actor and said, “My boyfriend can teleport at will and you didn’t know what I would think?”

Tom’s cheeks turned a nice shade of cherry red. “I guess that’s a bit stupid.”

I laughed, smiling. “It’s okay, Tom. I think it’s cool. After all, I can do it, too.” I looked back at the birds. “Though, flying would be awesome too.”

Tom turned in a circle as he appeared to be trying to take everything in. “How many birds do you think are here.”

“Too many to count. And, I’d rather they be free.”

“True.” Tom nodded in agreement then glanced over at Pierre who had been observing us in silence. “What do you think?”

Pierre lifted his shoulders. “I don’t. EP’s brought me here several times before.” He gave me an apologetic look before continuing. “I do prefer our earth.”

“Well, you’re free to visit the city, if you wish.”

We swung around toward a deep voice that came from our left. Standing in an archway that I hadn’t even noticed was a tall man in a black trench coat. His skin was as dark as ebony and he wore a patch over one eye…

“Yes. I am Nick Fury.” The man didn’t smile when he guessed my thoughts, correctly mind. “Parker has explained everything and I am entrusting you to his care whilst you are here in our world.”

I nudged Tom in the ribs as he was just staring at Fury, stunned. I knew why he was staring; we were both right on our prediction on who he would look like…. He looked more like Samuel L Jackson than even the real one did.

Tom jumped but shook himself to attention.

I smiled as Pierre said for us, “Thank you, but we should probably go home.”

Fury shook his head, brow furrowed. “I’m afraid I cannot allow you to leave, just yet. It has come to my attention that the presence of the Prince in your world has caused a rift between our worlds that would throw you off course if you try to cross the barrier at this time.”

“What?” I swallowed hard. “You mean, we’re stuck here?”

Fury nodded. “Regrettably, yes. For now. I have Stark on the case as we speak and once he discovers the solution, then we can consider how to get you back safely from whence you came.”

Tom blinked and looked at me sideways. I lifted my shoulders and Pierre sighed.

“Well, then. If Peter is up to showing us around, we’ll gladly follow his lead.”

* * *

I’m not good at describing places, but I knew I had to try to put into words the place we stepped out into when we left the palace. And it wasn’t because the city was particularly unique. In fact, if you didn’t focus any particular attention on anything, you could be forgiven for thinking you were just in New York or some other city in our world. However, if you looked closer. The people told a different story. There was not a single elderly person. Not a single one. And I’ll explain why that’s unusual. In every city in our world the demographic of a Central Business District ranges from young adults to the elderly. It’s just normal life.

Here in Jersey State CBD, I couldn’t see anyone at all that looked over sixty. And that was so weird…

“There aren’t any old people,” Tom muttered, confirming my own observation.

Peter, who was strolling ahead of us, actually chuckled. “Everyone says that the first time they visit the city.”

I frowned. “Well, you can’t blame us.”

Peter’s expression softened. “I guess not. Maybe I should enlighten you then.”

Tom and Pierre both raised their eyebrows at him.

“You never asked how old I am.”

Tom scoffed. “You’re the same age as me.”

Peter shook his head. “I stopped ageing at twenty-three. Thought it was a good age.” His lips twisted a little. “I’m quite a bit older than that.”

I had to ask. “How much is ‘quite a bit’?”

Peter met my gaze and smiled. “One hundred and twenty-one.”

“What?!” I halted, causing Tom to walk right into me. Pierre just missed running into him, instead stepping around us both and glowering at Peter.

“That’s not possible.”

Peter laughed and rolled his eyes. “All of this is pretty improbable. But that doesn’t make it impossible.” He turned away from us and waved us to keep following him. “Come on. I’ll prove it to you.”

I frowned, wondering how he could do that.

Tom asked what we were all thinking. “How can you do that?”

Peter smiled. “We’ll stop by Stark Tower. The Citizenry Archives are kept there.”

“What will that tell us?”

Peter smiled even more. “Oh, I can’t show you the archives. I will introduce you to the person who can.”

“Who?” Tom asked, again giving voice to the question I was thinking.

The elder male paused and looked back at us before responding with an edge to his voice. “The Honourable Lord Anthony Stark.”