Burn Us Down

50: I Didn’t Know You Were Listening

Plopping down onto a stool, Olivia’s hand fell to her stomach, rubbing it gently as she let out a slightly exhausted sigh. It had been an exhausting day. Back to back classes in the morning had been followed by lunch with her father and step-mother who’d spent the entire time cooing and it had all followed a night where she had struggled to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, meaning that she was exhausted. She wanted to go home. After she had said goodbye to her father and Valeria, the urge to cancel her afternoon class had been overwhelming, but she had opted against it, knowing that if she went home and fell asleep, the chances were that she would miss the appointment that she and Gerard had scheduled at the hospital.

Closing her eyes, she allowed her hands to drift around towards her back, rubbing it gently for a few seconds before she felt another hand nudge hers out of the way. Quirking a soft smile, she waited for a couple of seconds before she glanced over her shoulder, her eyes meeting Gerard’s as his face lit up with an easy smile. “You’re early” she quipped.

Gerard’s hands moved up to her shoulders, affording him leverage as he leant over and kissed the top of her head. “I knew you were done with classes” he mused as he stepped around her “And I was nearby. I didn’t see the value in going home just to come back here to pick you up, so I just dropped in. I bought you something too” he added, placing a box onto the work station ahead of her with a boyish smile.

Olivia’s eyebrow lifted, a playful smile curling the corner of her lips. “Are you trying to bribe me, Piqué?” she asked.

Gerard scoffed playfully. “Why would you think that?” he asked.

“This” Olivia chirped, prodding the box he’d put onto the counter “And the fact that we’re going to our scan in a bit. You’re still trying to convince me to find out what we’re having, aren’t you?” she prodded knowingly. He’d been trying, and failing, to convince her since they’d gone for their last scan.

“I just can’t believe that you don’t want to know” Gerard replied, grinning widely “I mean, no one I know hates surprises more than you. I can’t believe that you’re willing to wait until they are born to know. Isn’t there a little part of you that wants to find out now?” he prodded, gently edging the box back towards her hand.

Olivia rolled her eyes, but did pick the box up, something which made Gerard’s smile soften for a moment. It had been a while since the two of them had felt so at ease around one another, and Gerard was determined to make the most of it. They still had their moments. Their appointments with their counsellor still showed them that there was a lot for them to work through and work on, but things felt better than they had in a long time. They were more at ease around one another, their little acts of intimacy weren’t as stiff as they’d once been, and Gerard adored it, something he hoped Olivia shared in.

Olivia caught the slight change in his expression, but didn’t comment on it, instead gently opening the box before she let out a soft laugh. “Is this…”

“The scone, cream and chocolate sauce you wouldn’t shut up about in bed last night?” Gerard finished for her “Yeah, it is” he added smugly.

Olivia rolled her eyes, but couldn’t keep the soft smile off of her face. She hadn’t thought he’d been listening to her when she had been talking about how much she craved the baked goods he’d just put into her hands. “I didn’t know you were listening” she admitted “You were staring at something on your tablet and I just…I assumed you’d tuned me out” she added.

Gerard’s lips twitched like he was itching to make a joke, something which made Olivia roll her eyes, pushing his shoulder gently. “You were so close” she mused “The scone, that was almost enough to convince me to let you find out the sex of the babies, but you just ruined it” she teased brightly.

Gerard rolled his eyes before he checked his watch, something which caused him to offer his hand out towards Olivia. “We’ve got an appointment to get to” he mused “We can continue this debate in the car” he added.

Olivia twined her fingers through his, allowing him to help her up to her feet, before he gently settled his hand on the small of her back, something which made Olivia smile down at her feet gently. She’d missed the way things could be between them.

“Those are two very good heartbeats”

Olivia’s hand clung to Gerard’s as they both marvelled at the ultrasound screen, only looking away to share awed smiles with one another before they turned back again. “They’re OK?” Olivia asked.

The midwife, who was snapping a couple of pictures, looked up with a warm, reassuring smile. “They’re both a good size, about the same size actually” she mused “They’re growing well, and you’re feeling them move around more, aren’t you?” she prodded.

Olivia nodded. “A lot more” she confirmed “They’re a lot like their papa, already” she added.

Gerard pulled his eyes away from the screen for long enough to roll them at Olivia before he turned back, the teasing grin he’d worn melting into something softer, a smile Olivia had seen enough of to know that it was one that was reserved for the twins already.

“You’re doing well” The midwife mused “You and the twins. I just have one more thing to ask you before you head off. Are we finding out whether you’re having boys or girls?” she added, her smile growing a little impish.

Gerard again looked up, his blue eyes finding Olivia’s immediately, before he allowed a hopeful smile to curve his lips.

Olivia’s eyes searched his face for a few long seconds before she huffed out a playful sigh, the starts of a grin on her lips. “Yes, we are” she confirmed.

The midwife nodded her head and gently traced the wand over Olivia’s stomach again before she turned back to the couple. “Girls” she mused “Two girls” she added.

Gerard lifted a hand, shakily holding up two fingers. “Two?” he asked “They’re both…they’re both girls?” he asked.

Olivia wiped her eyes, laughing gently as she tugged on his sleeve. “That’s what she said, Geri” she mused.

Gerard turned to look at Olivia, his eyes blinking away a few tears, before his hand clumsily pushed her hair off of her face, something which made Olivia giggle gently. “You look like you’re going to faint” she cooed as she laced her fingers through his.

“It’s not out of the question” Gerard replied “Two girls” he repeated, the awe obvious in his voice.

Olivia just gathered him into a soft hug, allowing him to squeeze her carefully before he pulled away, allowing him to press two soft kisses to the material of her shirt.
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