Burn Us Down

56: I’m In Awe Of Her

Allowing his forehead to fall against the glass ahead of him, Gerard quirked a soft smile, watching the twins as they stirred in the bassinette’s that they laid in. Olivia was asleep. Gerard was amazed that it had taken her so long to give into the fatigue, but once she had, he’d allowed the midwife to take the twins to the nursery, and since they’d arrived there, he hadn’t left. He was still trying to wrap his head around it. As happy as he was that they’d arrived, and that there’d been no complications with the birth, he still couldn’t quite believe how quickly it had been over with, and he couldn’t quite grasp that there were two little babies who’d one day look up at him and call him ‘papa’.

Lifting a hand up to his mouth, he stifled a yawn before he felt a touch at his side, something which caused him to turn his head slightly, smiling tiredly down at Olivia as she leant against his side, her arms wrapping around his waist. Covering her hands with his, he squeezed softly before he turned back towards the twins, watching them with Olivia in a contented silence.

Olivia’s stare flicked between the babies and Gerard a couple of times before she tightened her arms around him, pulling his stare back down towards her. “Are you OK?” he asked softly “You were out for the count when I ducked out” he added.

Olivia nodded her head, smiling up at him. “Sore” she replied “And tired, but good” she added.

Gerard leant over, kissing the top of her head. “You should still be resting” he murmured.

Olivia smiled at his concern before she shook her head, glancing back towards the babies. “I wanted to see them” she mused “And I figured that I would find you here, too. You left your phone behind” she added.

Gerard’s smile faltered a little, something which caused Olivia to lean up, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. She knew that his abandoning his phone on the sideboard in her room hadn’t been an accident. “I know” she whispered “And I get it, but we can’t ignore them forever” she added. She was on the same page he was. Things felt amazing. They were together, and the twins had arrived, and whilst she didn’t want anything to burst their bubble, she knew that they had to let everyone know eventually. People would be worried about her, about the twins, and she knew that they wouldn’t back off until they informed them that everything had gone as smoothly as possible.

Gerard’s head rested against the glass again as he nodded. “I know” he replied “I’ll come back with you and I will start with the calls. But first, we should find someone who can bring the twins back to your room. I am ready for more cuddles” he added, his face brightening again.

Olivia couldn’t have stopped her face from lighting up if she had wanted to. She already knew that smallest glimpse of Gerard with the twins was going to be enough to make her melt.

“No, we’ve not chosen any names out yet” Gerard said, the tips of his fingers gently tickling a bare tummy as he grinned down at the baby on the mattress. He had been half way through changing her when the phone had rung, but a glance from Olivia had stopped him from ignoring it like he’d wanted to, something which meant he was locked in a conversation with Olivia’s step-mother whilst he tried to get the little girl dressed.

Tilting his head, he trapped the phone between his ear and shoulder so that he could use his hands to gently dress the baby.

“I thought you had names picked out?” Valeria prodded.

“We did” Gerard replied “And then, at the last minute, Livy changed her mind, so we’re using Piqué and Mendes for now” he added, sparing a boyish grin towards Olivia who was sat at the other end of the bed, feeding the other baby.

Olivia snorted out a laugh. “Gerard changed his mind!” she called back, loud enough for Valeria to hear her.

Valeria laughed. “I’m sure that you’ll choose lovely names” she mused “Are they identical?” she asked.

Gerard gently picked the phone up again as he shook his head, leaning back against the pillow as he settled the baby down against him. “No, they’re not” he replied “I mean, it’s a little hard to tell who they look more like right now, but there are a few pretty obvious differences. The older baby has Olivia’s hair, and the younger, she’s not got quite as much, but it’s darker, more like mine. The younger one’s also got a little birthmark on the bottom of her left foot. I’ll send pictures when we’re a little more sorted out, because I don’t think my descriptions are really doing them any justice. You’re going to melt when you see them” he gushed.

Olivia didn’t say anything, but Gerard could see the smile on her face.

“How’s Olivia doing?” Valeria asked.

“She’s tired” Gerard replied “And sore, but she keeps ignoring me when I tell her to take a break. You know how she can be” he added, letting out a laugh when Olivia turned and lightly slapped his legs.

“Honestly, she’s amazing” He continued, the teasing edge of his voice fading away to be replaced by something soft and tender “She did so well with the whole labour thing, and I am in awe of her, especially since she’s sat about a foot away from me, cradling our youngest baby girl” he added.

Olivia shook her head, not quite able to stop the tears from welling up in her eyes. “You’re going to make me start crying” she pointed out without looking back at him.

Gerard mumbled something to Valeria about them arranging a visit after they got home before he hung up the phone. Carefully standing up, he placed the baby he held down into her bassinette before he collected her sister, laying her down too before he walked back towards Olivia. Gathering her hands in his, he leant over and kissed them softly before he looked up, his blue eyes mirroring Olivia’s tearful hazel ones. “I’m going to get down on one knee now” he announced softly “But if you don’t want me to, then this is your chance to stop me. Tell me not to, Livy” he coaxed.

Olivia blinked a couple of tears loose before she wiped them away, but she didn’t tell him to stop.

Gerard nodded his head, slowly lowering himself down onto one knee. “I don’t know how you’re still here” he said softly “I was so…so selfish and I can’t quite believe that you even contemplated letting me have another chance at this, let alone actually let me have it, but I know that I will forever be grateful for it. I am in awe of you, Livy. You’re so kind and warm and bright and I don’t know why it was so hard for me to get to this point before because now it just…it just feels like an inevitability. Olivia, will you say yes to marrying me? Again” he added.

Olivia’s thumb wiped tears away before she nodded her head without any hesitation. “Yes” she sniffled.

Gerard’s face split into the warmest smile. “Yes?” he asked.

Olivia rushed to her feet with another unmistakable nod, meeting him halfway as he threw his arms around her, pulling her into a hug that she returned just as strongly as she cried, happily, into the material of his t-shirt.