Burn Us Down

76: We’ve Waited Too Long For This

Gently running his fingers back through Olivia’s hair, Gerard quirked a sleepy smile before he leant over, touching the lightest of kisses to her temple. They were rare. Since the twins had been born, Gerard was sure he could count on one hand the amount of times that he and Olivia had woken up to find the other still in bed with them, but with the girls having spent the night with his parents, they’d had the chance to lay in for a little while, something Gerard was keen to take advantage of. For once, things between him and Olivia didn’t feel stretched. They’d had their disagreement with Nicolas, which had been followed the next morning by a slightly sharp call from Melissa, but it hadn’t fazed the two of them. They were in sync, more so than they had been in a very long time, and whilst Gerard was a little hesitant to get too far ahead of himself, he had to admit that, for the first time in a while, he had nothing but a good feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Tightening the arm of his that was wrapped around Olivia’s waist, he tugged her back towards him gently, something which caused Olivia to stir gently before she turned her head, looking up at him with a sleepy smile. “You’re still here” she said, her voice a little hoarse with sleep.

Gerard didn’t say anything. He just smiled back at her and nodded as his fingers played with her hair.

Olivia watched him, still smiling sleepy, but she didn’t move to break the comfortable quiet either, something which made Gerard’s smile widen. “You know you’re staring, right?” he teased.

“I can’t remember the last time I woke up, and you were actually still there” Olivia replied “Normally, by now, you’re downstairs being all cute with the girls. I’m just making the most of this” she added, playing along with him.

“Careful, Livy” Gerard joked “You’ll make me think that you don’t love moving into the middle of the bed as soon as I get up” he added.

Olivia’s laugh was loud in the quiet room, causing her cheeks to flush a light shade of pink whilst Gerard chuckled gently. “I love that laugh” he enthused.

Olivia just shook her head, trying to hide her face in her pillow.

Gerard leant over her, pressing a kiss against the corner of her lips. “Come on” he mumbled, peppering kisses against her face “I made my parents promise that they’d not be back too early. We could cook breakfast together” he cooed, grinning against the side of her neck.

Olivia let out a playful snort, swatting him away. “You mean, I can cook breakfast” she mumbled “You’ll just get in the way” she added.

Gerard beamed as he fell back against his pillow. “We’ve both got our strengths” he mused “You’re the best cook, I am the best at getting in the way. We shouldn’t try and mess with something that works so well, nena” he added.

Olivia, who’d swung her feet out of bed, turned to look at him over her shoulder. “I wouldn’t dream of it” she said.

“Yes to your aunt and uncle, no to that guy you used to work with” Gerard said through a mouthful of food, earning him a slight glare from Olivia who sat crossed-legged on the bed next to him, a notepad clutched in her hand. It’d been leisurely. Whilst Olivia had prepared the two of them breakfast, Gerard had disappeared to call his parents to make sure that Aria and Rosalie were alright, and with the little girls settled, he’d asked his parents to delay their return for a little longer. He missed the two of them, he knew that Olivia did too, but he wanted a little more time with just Olivia for company. It felt as though it’d been forever since they’d had time together which hadn’t been based around intense conversations or fights.

Grinning, he lifted an eyebrow. “What?” he asked, pushing another forkful into his mouth.

Olivia just rolled her eyes, returning her focus to her notepad. “What’s wrong with Hugo?” she prodded.

“You worked with him for about a month” Gerard answered “And you’ve not spoken to him properly in years. I don’t think we need him at our wedding” he added.

Olivia huffed, but dutifully crossed out the name. “Enzo?” she asked.

“No doubt. I want him there” Gerard replied “Max, too” he added.

Olivia nodded her head in agreement. “I’m going to ask Paige to be my maid of honour” she announced.

“That’s not a surprise” Gerard replied “I mean, I’d rather have her up there than your sister. I don’t think I need her glaring at me through my vows, it’ll be unnerving” he added, the smile on his face aimed at showing Olivia he was just teasing.

Olivia lifted a hand, tucking her hair behind her ear. “Mel has to be there” she said.

Gerard, who’d moved to stow his plate on the end table, turned around before he gently gathered her hands in his. “She does” he agreed “And I am sure that she will be, even if I am sure that she will kick up a fuss when we tell her that Nicolas isn’t welcome. You’re her baby sister, Livy, and I am sure that she’ll want to be there for you, even if she can’t stand me. It’s your wedding” he insisted with a soft smile.

Olivia’s eyes searched his face before she nodded her head slowly. “She and Enzo have barely been in the same room since they separated” she mused “they’re likely to cause a scene” she added.

“We’ve got a lot of time before that becomes a problem” Gerard replied with a soft laugh “We’re not getting married for months” he added.

“I know” Olivia replied “I just…I want you to be aware” she added.

Gerard’s hand slipped to the back of her neck, coaxing her head forwards so that he could press their foreheads together. “Firstly, I just want to marry you” he said “It’s something I’ve wanted for a while, and the sooner it gets here, the better” he added.

Olivia let out a quiet laugh, closing her eyes contently.

“Secondly, if anyone wants to do anything to spoil that day for you, for us, they’ll end up answering to me” Gerard continued “When that day gets here, I don’t care how messy their divorce is. If they’re going to show up, then they’re going to do that to celebrate you and me or they’ll be leaving. We’ve waited too long for this, Livy, and I won’t let it be spoiled for you. I know that this is something you’ve been dreaming of forever, maybe not just with me, but I am the one who’s going to do it with you and I’ll be damned if I let anything spoil it for you” he insisted before he lifted his head, kissing her forehead softly.

Olivia blinked her eyes open, meeting his blues. “Paris” she said softly “We should get married in Paris” she added.

Gerard’s entire face lit up. “Yeah?” he prodded.

Olivia nodded. “Yeah” she confirmed “Do you think you could book that hotel that we stayed in?” she asked.

Gerard’s nod was instant. “I can do whatever you want me to” he answered.
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