Burn Us Down

85: You Got Your Moment

Gently laying Aria in her bed, Gerard held his breath as he pulled his arms away, not wanting to disturb the little girl. He’d dipped out of the reception a while previous. After the formalities had been concluded, the party had begun in earnest, and with it showing little time of stopping any time soon, he’d opted to step out, knowing that the twins would settle a lot easier with him or Olivia around. He’d thought about asking Olivia for help. Since the reception had started, he’d had very little time with her just her for company, but when he’d spotted her on the dance floor, happily spinning around with Max, he hadn’t had the heart to get in the way. She deserved it. After what had happened with Melissa and Nicolas, she deserved the chance to let loose and enjoy her night, and Gerard wasn’t going to be the one who got in the way of it.

Taking a step backwards, he glanced over his shoulder briefly before he perched on the side of the bed, his eyes flitting between Aria and Rosalie. Quirking a tired smile, he reached up to loosen the knot his tie before he heard the room’s door open and shut. Stifling a yawn into his hand, he stood up and walked towards the bedroom door.

Alex, who’d been pouring a drink, glanced up at the sound of his footsteps, a warm smile kicking up the corner of his mouth. “Drink?” he asked.

Gerard hesitated, but eventually nodded his head slowly. “I’d love one” he replied.

Alex picked up another glass and poured the defender a drink before he handed it to him. “I thought you’d be in a hurry” he mused “That’s why I rushed up here. I thought you’d be itching to get back to Olivia and the party” he added.

“I’ll get back down there eventually” Gerard replied, perching on the arm of a chair “I just wanted to make sure that the twins were asleep. They’d had quite a long day” he added, smiling as best he could.

It’d improved immeasurably. His relationship with Olivia’s father had come a long away from what it had been after the pictures had come out, but he couldn’t help but still feel a little uncertain when it was just the two of them. When Olivia and the twins were around, there was always something to say, but when it was just the two of them, the silences creeped in.

Alex nodded his head quietly, allowing a moment of silence to pass between the two of them, before he cleared his throat. “I’ve never seen her this happy” he announced gently “Olivia. Today was…it was everything she’d hoped for and I…I can’t thank you enough for making it possible. You’ve made my youngest daughter a very happy woman, Gerard” he added.

Gerard let out a bashful laugh before he took a sip of his drink, shaking his head slightly. “I don’t think I can take all the credit for today” he replied “Olivia would kill me if I did” he added.

Alex shook his head, smiling gently. “It’s not just about today” he said “Though, it has been wonderful. You just…you make her happy, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for her, that’s what I am trying to say to you. I know that you and I have had our ups and downs, but as long as you’re the one who makes her smile like she has today, you’re good with me, Gerard. I’m proud to welcome you to my family, officially” he added before he stuck his hand out ahead of himself.

Gerard’s stare flicked between the offered hand and Alex’s face a couple of times before he placed his own hand out, allowing Alex to shake it firmly. “I’m glad to be a part of it” he mused.

Alex squeezed his hand gently before Gerard’s phone buzzed, something which made the older man chuckle as he withdrew. “That’s going to be your wife” he quipped, not missing the goofy expression that filled the defender’s face “Go. I’ve got the twins. Go and enjoy the night” he added.

Gerard laughed bashfully before he tipped his head in thanks, bustling out of the door as he pressed the phone against his ear.

“I love you”

Gerard smiled against the top of Olivia’s head, still gently swaying her in time to the music. Things were starting to wind down. Guests had, for the last hour, been trickling up to the two of them and bidding them goodnight, but Olivia didn’t seem keen to leave, meaning that Gerard wasn’t either.

They had to retire to bed eventually. They had a flight booked for the next morning and had plans to have breakfast with their parents and the twins before they left, but Gerard couldn’t will himself to be the one who pointed it out. He didn’t want the day to end. It had had its bumps, Melissa and Nicolas had made sure of that, but it’d still be wonderful and if he could make it last an hour longer, he would. It was everything he and Olivia had wanted it to be.

“Yeah?” he mumbled into her hair.

Olivia leant back to smile up at him. “Yeah” she confirmed “I mean, sometimes” she added impishly.

Gerard shook his head, laughing gently.

Olivia marvelled at the sound, allowing it to hang between them as they danced, before she shook her head. “This is what I wanted” she said softly “When I…I ran ahead with the plans the first time. This is really what I wanted. To stand here and look at you and think ‘wow, he’s my husband’. I was so ready for that moment that I didn’t realise that you weren’t and we…” she trailed off as Gerard leant forwards, pressing his lips to hers.

Letting out a soft sigh, she lingered in the kiss before she drew back, allowing Gerard to gently trace a finger along the line of her jaw. “That’s not what today is about” he said quietly “Before was…it was messy. We both know the mistakes we made. But it doesn’t matter now. We made it, Livy. You got your moment” he added, his face brightening with a tender smile.

Olivia couldn’t resist smiling back at him, something which made Gerard laugh softly before he leant forwards, kissing her head again. “Come on” he mused “We really should go upstairs” he added, gently knotting their fingers together.

Olivia easily followed after him, smiling at the guests who stopped to applaud their exit, before she pushed herself up onto her toes, whispering into his ear. “You’re ready to go to sleep?” she teased, making sure to leave a kiss just behind his ear.

Gerard smirked down at her. “Now, I don’t remember saying that” he played along.

Olivia laughed, stopping only when Gerard dipped down and kissed her again, mumbling a quiet ‘I love you’.
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