Burn Us Down

87: You’ve Got A Lot Of Good Things


Olivia, who’d stopped herself before she walked into the hotel’s restaurant, blinked a couple of times before she picked her head up, her eyes meeting Enzo’s as he looked down at her, a small worried crease between his eyebrows. She’d been stood there for a while. After she’d talked to her sister, she had wanted to take some time to calm herself down before she walked into breakfast with her and Gerard’s parents, but what had originally started as a couple of minutes had drifted into something a little longer. She hadn’t wanted to let it get to her. Things between her and her sister had been deteriorating for a long time and that morning was no different to a handful of other conversations that they had had in the build up to Olivia’s wedding, but still it stung.

Enzo’s frown deepened as his eyes searched her face. “You’ve been crying” he said “Do I need to find Gerard?” he asked.

Olivia shook her head quickly, using the back of her hand to wipe at her eyes again. “I’m fine” she replied “I don’t want to worry him” she added.

Enzo’s gaze drifted over her shoulder, into the restaurant where Gerard sat, smiling at Aria, before it returned to her face. “Did you guys fight already?” he asked “Because I might not be your brother-in-law anymore, but I can still bust out the big brother bit and talk to him. Do I need to?” he asked, the starts of an impish smile curling up the corner of his lips.

Olivia’s answering smile was small, but Enzo was still relieved to see it. “We’re fine” she said gently “Better than fine, really. I just ran into my sister” she added.

Enzo’s expression darkened as he nodded his head slowly. “She’s still around then?” he asked.

Olivia looked him, her expression sympathetic, before she shook her head, wiping her eyes again. “I don’t know why I let it get to me” she said “I was clear with her, firm even, but I just…I don’t know. It overwhelmed me, I guess, and I know if I walk in there, crying, Gerard’s going to throw a fit. I love him, but he’s a little too protective sometimes” she added, rolling her eyes playfully.

Enzo didn’t say anything, he just stepped towards Olivia and opened his arms, allowing her to walk into them, accepting the hug happily. “Don’t let her get to you” he mumbled “You’ve got a lot of good things going on right now, don’t let her distract from that” he added, rubbing her back gently.

Olivia hung onto him for a few seconds before she stepped back, offering him a bashful smile. “You must get tired of comforting me” she teased bashfully.

“I always wanted a little sister” Enzo replied with a nonchalant shrug.

Olivia’s smile softened a little before Enzo cleared his throat slightly. “I do…uh…I do have something I want to tell you, actually” he mused “I’d have told you before, but you were getting married and I didn’t want to detract from that. I’ve met someone” he announced, his words rushed.

Olivia blinked a couple of times, struggling to keep up with his words, but when she understood them, her face lit up. “You have?” she asked.

Enzo’s face flushed pink before he nodded. “It’s very early days” he said “We’ve only been out a couple of times, but it’s…it’s something. Her name is Rhea, we met at work” he added, unable to stop himself from smiling ever so slightly.

“Enzo, that’s amazing” Olivia mused.

Enzo shrugged bashfully.

“We’d love to meet her” Olivia mused “When you get around to it. Me and Gerard would love to meet her” she added.

“You’ll be at the top of the list” Enzo replied.

Olivia just grinned at him for a second, something Enzo mirrored before he cleared his throat, tipping his head at something over shoulder. “Your husband is staring” he chirped.

Olivia glanced over her shoulder, catching Gerard’s eye, before she turned back. “I should probably get in there” she mused.

“I’ll see you when you get back to Barcelona” Enzo mused.

Olivia flashed him another grin, wrapping him in a brief hug, before she stepped back, allowing him to wander away. Taking a second, she wiped her eyes one last time before she turned and walked into the restaurant. She knew that Gerard would ask. He’d answered the door to Melissa and would inevitably want to know what had happened between the two of them, but she didn’t want him to know that it’d upset her, not if it meant spoiling the morning. Pasting on a soft smile, she kissed his cheek softly before she slipped into the seat next to him. “Sorry I’m late” she mused.

“Everything OK?” Gerard asked, his hand gently settling on her thigh.

“Fine” Olivia replied “I was just outside, talking to Enzo. I haven’t missed anything, have I?” she asked.

“Only Gerard’s rant about the twins’ routine” Valeria chirped with a teasing smile “You’d think that none of us had ever looked after toddlers before” she added.

Gerard rolled his eyes playfully. “I was just making sure that they were still happy to babysit” he mused “I’m kind of looking forwards to having a couple of days away with my new wife” he added, turning to offer Olivia a soft smile.

Valeria cooed, starting off another conversation between the two sets of parents, something which allowed Gerard to lean closer to Olivia. Pressing a gentle kiss against her temple, he lowered his head slightly, whispering into her ear. “Are you really OK?” he asked softly.

Olivia turned to look at his face, a soft, genuine, smile blossoming across her features. “Yeah, I am” she confirmed “I mean, I’m getting you alone for a few days, aren’t I?” she asked playfully.

Gerard couldn’t help letting out an amused laugh. “Yes, you are” he confirmed “But I was talking about…” he trailed off, offering her a pointed look.

“I know you were” Olivia replied “But Enzo gave me some pretty good advice for dealing with it, so I’m fine. Honestly” she added.

Gerard’s eyes searched her face, looking for any sign of upset, before he gently squeezed her thigh, offering her a small smile. “I’m glad” he confirmed.

Olivia leant into his side, allowing his other arm to slide around her shoulder, before she moved to pick up her mug of tea, engaging in conversation happily. Enzo had been right. She had a lot of good things in her life. She had Gerard, their twins, and the rest of their family, and she couldn’t allow what had happened between her and Melissa to detract from it. Things were good for her, the best they’d been, and she didn’t want to lose sight of that. She wanted to relish how wonderful things felt then.
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