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Right Now


DJ's life gets turned upside down when her parents deliver some bad news. She figures it can't get worse than what it had already become, so she decides to do something that will change her life. Either for the good or bad, DJ plans on sticking through her decision. But will she end up regretting it?

a liam payne fanfic
  1. Ain't It Funny How Life Changes
    I tiptoe up the stairs and press my ear to the door that leads to the kitchen. Their voices are muffled, and my confusion grows as I strain to hear.
  2. Let Go and Surprise Yourself
    My gut feeling turns out to be right; they were just trying to warn me. My heart plummets as I listen to the voicemails from my work.
  3. She's Leaving Home (Bye-Bye)
    Brianna looks like she wants to say something. I catch her eye, hope my psychic powers have gotten better by magic and that she'll hear my mental pleas to save me. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a psychic, and she doesn't speak.
  4. Make a Change, and Breakaway
    “Look, all I wanna know is why. Why are you trying to be someone you’re not?”
  5. Don't Let Them Win
    Harry shoves at my shoulder and crosses his eyes, pretends to cry. I stick my tongue out in response.
  6. She Was Cryin' on My Shoulder
    I chew at the edge of my thumbnail and type out a response one-handed.
  7. I Really, Really Don't Like You
    My anger grows the more I read and hear; it’s all so despicable, the way that people are treating Lou and Brianna as delicious gossip and not the humans they are.
  8. Say Something, I'm Giving Up on You
    Louis appears and stares at me, points his finger at me. His jaw is clenched tight, eyes dark and cloudy. Anger sharpens his features.
  9. Secrets Stolen from Deep Inside
    We settle down once the movie gets past the song, and he moves his arm so I can lie down with my head on his lap. His fingers immediately find the ends of my hair, twisting them gently.
  10. I'm in Serious Shit, I Feel Totally Lost
    The elevator beeps behind me, the scrape of the doors opening too loud in the quiet, and I'm torn between two choices.
  11. We Were Howling at the Moon
    It surprises me to realise after eight weeks that I’m not looking forward to going home. I’ve begun to understand exactly what lured Brianna to stay instead of coming back home like she planned.
  12. Wish We Could Turn Back Time, to the Good Ol’ Days
    The words explode from me before I even knew they were forming. They leave a bitter taste in my mouth and a burning in my gut.
  13. I'm on My Way
    I hiss as my ankle twists on a rock; I kick at the side of the road and bite back a scream, sobbing, “goddamn it, Brianna, why aren’t you here? I need you, and I know I ***ed up everything up, but I need you here. Please call me back. Please.”
  14. I’m Glad You Called
    Her eyes burn fiercely, promise retribution of biblical proportions, but her fingers are gentle, so gentle, as she cups my cheeks.
  15. It's Time to Make My Way
    The silence once she finishes speaking weighs heavily, almost tangible in its deafening existence. My vision blurs, but I can’t blink away the tears.
  16. So What Does It Take to Start Over Again?
    Anna’s grin is wide, victorious, proud. Mama, on the other hand, looks like she’s been slapped in the face with a fish; she gapes at me, and I squirm under the scrutiny.
  17. Turn It Around with Another Round
    “I don't think Liam likes me,” I mutter before swallowing down the disappointment with whisky and soda.
  18. All is Good and Nothingness is Dead
    Harry helps me out of the car, and I turn to pull my bag out of the footwell as Niall rolls over the seat-back. I blink owlishly at the blond before shaking my head.
  19. Got a Secret - Can You Keep It?
    Will I ever have something like that?, I wonder as I crack an egg into a bowl.
  20. Inside the Dark, I’m Aching
    The way Amari’s voice trembles is the only indication of how much she's hurting. I stare blankly at my shoes, a wave of disbelief crashing over me.
  21. Memories Consume, Like Opening the Wound
    It’s surprisingly difficult, really, and I marvel to myself at how much strength the Irish kid has, but it’s for naught - the back of his hand hits the tabletop after a few minutes of struggle.
  22. Yes, I'm Gonna Take My Time
    Liam is nice enough to hide his humour enough to help me back up, and I’m struck with the sudden urge to kiss him senseless, right here, right now.
  23. How I'm Wishing That You Were Here
    My mouth instantly goes dry at the sight of Liam’s broad back, dotted with droplets of water, disappearing into the towel wrapped around his waist.
  24. And We’ll Run to a Brand New Sun
    I think of what I want to say, groaning when I can’t come up with a way of saying I miss the Hell out of you without coming across as clingy.
  25. In the Mood for a Dance
    Hands land on my waist, and I jerk around to stare wide-eyed at the person.
  26. I Come Undone
    It feels a lot like sinking beneath the surface of an undisturbed pond, kissing him
  27. I've Never Been This Far
    The “contract” is pinned to the fridge at home, a second copy taped to the wall by the television.
  28. It Feels Like I'm Finally Free
    I may not need their approval, but I sure as Hell want it.
  29. Drown in My Desire for You
    I melt into his touch, the soft drag of his lips against mine, the way fireworks spark up my spine; I shiver with the anticipation, and his hands ghost up my sides.
  30. Touch, Make Love, Taste You
    I sprawl across the bed, body relaxed and sated and completely worn out; Liam curls around me, peppering my collarbone and cheeks with kisses...
  31. I Can't Fight the Feeling
    His response is a selfie; it’s dark, slightly grainy, but there’s no denying the mischievous smirk - or the fact that the angle he’s taken the photo at is hiding nothing.