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Right Now

Touch, Make Love, Taste You

My legs tremble, threaten to give out from underneath me, and my fingernails scrabble against the tile wall for purchase. There’s none to be found, though, but I don’t get the chance to mention my weak knees before my head falls back, my cry echoing over the sound of the water hitting the floor. Liam catches me as I start sliding down the wall, wiping his face and pressing his lips to mine. It’s a sloppy kiss, my head is swimming too much to be able to focus properly, and it’s made worse by the way he’s kissing me breathless. We slowly manage to stand, and he winces as his knee pops. I frown; he shakes his head and pushes my damp hair from my face.

“Fuck, but you’re gorgeous,” he murmurs, and I scrape my nails along his chest in response. He stares down at me once I’ve lowered myself to the floor. “Love?”

His cock is hard, dripping at the tip, the skin flushed a deep purple-red. I wrap my fingers loosely around the shaft, slowly stroking him from root to head. His palm presses to the tile wall, and he growls low in his throat when my other hand comes up, nails digging into the sharp divot of his hipbone. As I drag my fist over his cock, his hips thrust forward, and I watch the flush in his cheeks spread over his face, his throat, his chest. His fingers twist in my hair, and my mouth falls open at the sudden spike in arousal, the heat pooling and overflowing from my core; his oh god, that’s sexy is almost unheard when I drop my free hand to between my thighs, dragging across my soaking folds and there, and I whimper, gasp, at the way I feel right now. An errant thought drifts across my brain, and I can’t shake it off, it’s dug its claws in too deeply. I gaze up at him through my lashes, and his eyes widen as he watches my finger disappear into myself. I add another one after a second, press my palm against myself, my hips grinding into the pressure. His breath stutters when I lean forward slightly, my tongue lapping lightly at his dick before taking the head into my mouth; I shatter apart as my orgasm crashes over me, fucking myself with my hand and the taste and weight of him on my tongue too much.

Liam slams his other hand against the wall with a shout as his cock throbs in the circle of my fingers, and I choke, gag slightly, at the hot splashes that hit the back of my throat. I don’t pull away, even when I feel some of his release seeping from the corners of my lips, dripping down my chin. It’s an odd taste - salty and slightly bitter - but I can’t say that I mind it. I release him as he begins to soften in my grip, my mouth, and he pants heavily over me as his eyes rake over my face.

“You can spit it out if you’re not comfortable swallowing, it’s okay,” he finally whispers breathlessly a moment later.

I think for less than a second before exposing my throat to him. A groan tears from deep in his chest once he realises I’ve swallowed. I doubt I’ll do it again, but after such a fantastic night - and morning - with him, I feel like it’s a small thing to do. He tugs me to my feet and swipes his thumb across the corner of my mouth. I give him a soft grin, lean up to kiss him, then slip past him so I can shower. For real, this time. We’d been up half the night just talking and exploring each other’s bodies, figuring out what feels good to us both; it was much less awkward for me the second time, and my discomfort at it all was nonexistent by the third time around two-thirty in the morning. I’d told him I needed to shower after breakfast, and he had asked if he could join. I assume it had been a joke, because he’d laughed it off and told me to enjoy it. To say he’d been surprised when I grabbed his hand and lead him toward the bathroom is an understatement.

I sprawl across the bed, body relaxed and sated and completely worn out; Liam curls around me, peppering my collarbone and cheeks with kisses, and I giggle as the stubble on his jaw tickles my skin. His lips catch mine, and I sigh blissfully into the kiss. I know that nothing more is going to happen - there’s been plenty of that already; it’s nice, however, to just share lazy kisses while cuddling. He pulls away with a frustrated sigh at the sound of a knock on the door. I watch completely without shame as he crosses the room to the dresser, yanks a pair of basketball shorts from the bottom drawer, and tugs them on; the scowl on his face is too adorable, and I roll onto my belly and close my eyes.

“Nope. If I have to get clothes on, so do you.”

“That wasn’t in the contract,” I mutter in response, wiggling when he bites playfully at my shoulder. “Fine, since it’s so important.”

Brianna’s voice comes from the living room, and Liam frowns down at me. I shrug, just as surprised by her showing up, and he drops a kiss to my hair before exiting the room, pulling the door closed behind him. I decide it’s probably a good time to get dressed, reach for one of the T-shirts we’d kicked off the mattress last night when I’d interrupted his packing. I’ve just pulled a pair of underwear from my purse and up my legs when the door opens. I glance over my shoulders to see my best friend slipping in. I finish buttoning my jeans and belatedly realise that I’ve retrieved them from the same drawer Liam got his shorts. What does this mean? I shake off the thoughts and turn to Brianna.

“What are you doing here?”

“We just wanted to make sure Lima’s all ready for tour.” Her eyes land on the suitcase that’s still half-empty, and her lips pull down at the corners. “He’s never this far behind on packing. Hell, he’s always the first one done. Oh, my God!”


“You guys had sex!” she hisses with a look toward the door, as if she fully expects our friends to come barging in even though their voices are distant.

“Can we not talk about this?”

She nods, but the sparkle in her hazel eyes tells me she’s so not close to letting the subject drop. “Okay, okay. But... was it good?”

“It was, hands down, the best I’ve ever had. Granted, it’s the only I’ve ever had, so make of that what you will,” I tack on; her cackling immediately cuts off, her teeth closing with an audible clacking noise.

“Wait, what?”

I shake my head as I hear footsteps in the hall, my boyfriend’s voice coming closer. Bri stares at me with wide eyes; she latches onto Liam’s arm the second he steps into the room, drags him back out with an order to Louis and Harry to entertain me, she’ll be back. I drop my head forward, and my hands come up to cover my face. Fantastic.

“What’s going on?” Louis asks once he’s done staring after his girlfriend and friend, and I let out a manic giggle. I’m not going to explain this to him.

[Bri’s POV]
“Hey, there, Lima, how are you? Good! We need to talk.”

Liam follows after me patiently, and I’m glad for it. Having to forcefully lug his useless body down the hall to the kitchen would be far too embarrassing for the both of us. Him, because he’d be being manhandled by me, and me because well, it would just be another point of evidence that I’m not always cool, calm, and collected. But right now, I need to be - this conversation isn’t about me and my feelings. It’s about protecting the one person I’ve always been able to count on, the one person who’s been the sole reason for my existence for so long. DJ is my person, my platonic lobster, my non-romantic soulmate. And I’ll be damned if Liam doesn’t know this.

We come to a stop in the kitchen, and I stare back the way we came to make sure none of the others are trying to listen in. When I’m sure they aren’t, I turn to Liam and smile without humour.

“She’s everything to me, okay? That chick in there has been my ride-or-die since before we even knew what that meant. She means more to me than Louis does, more than anyone of you ever will. And for that reason, her happiness and well-being matters so much to me. I will literally kill someone for her - Hell, I offered to kill that rat bastard -”

“Don’t blame you, I wanna kill him myself.”

My brain stutters - she’s told him? Thank god for small miracles! - but I push on. “As I was saying. Deej is the one who got me through before I moved here. Okay? My loyalty will always, always, always be to her. No matter what. So if you ever hurt her? I will not hesitate to kill you, chop you up into small pieces, and feed those pieces to every single pig on every single farm within a thousand-mile radius. I don’t care that you were the first guy she’s ever loved like this, or had sex with, or whatever. She comes first. And I won’t stop to think of consequences when it comes to protecting her.”

Liam places his hands on my shoulders, rests his forehead against mine. “I know. I do. But I promise now, nothing I do will ever be done with the intent to hurt her. She’s... she means the world to me, too, you know.”

“Good. I’d hate to have to kill you.”

“I’d hate for you to have to kill me.” He kisses my cheek and pulls away, but I tug him back toward me; if the jerk thinks he’s going to get away with not hugging me, he’s wrong. He wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me into the air and squeezing tightly. My breathlessness isn’t just from the vice-like hold he has on me, not when he whispers in my ear, “I fucking love her.”