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"Kirsty Anne-Marie Doogan, you are going to pack your stuff and your going to pack it now!"
I mocked my mother by miming her words whilst stuffing my clothes into a suitcase.
"why do you not trust me, we'll have a great time there now pack fast we're getting on the plane at 4:30AM for Christ sakes!"
I honestly don't trust the airport people with my stuff ESPECIALLY my guitars!
I've only just got my acoustic and i know how fragile acoustic guitars are, they're only made out of wood and string.
turns out we're moving to new jersey, typical now i have 2/3 more years in school
how annoying.

I taped the 3rd boxed shut making sure it couldn't break, seriously if I would of put anymore tape on it you wouldn't be able to see the cardboard.
I walked out of my room, downstairs and into the kitchen
hmm I fancy a burger....
"mum how long do you heat these burgers in for again?"
I waited for a second till I got a reply
"just try 30 seconds then check the middle if its not ready put it in for more"
I'm really not leaving anything behind here
I have few friends and I'm home schooled.

"I'm uppp" I grumbled rolling off my bed in a thump.
I looked around my room, the only things out were my bed, phone, bag for the plane, eyeliner + straighteners.
all my posters were packed, I looked under my bed making sure hadn't left anything there when I spotted something moving,
I cocked my eyebrow and looked closer, just realising what it was I jumped out of my bed "SPIDER!" I shouted running down in my sweats.
"mum get it please! PLEASE!"
she sighed grabbing a cup and some paper "you need to learn to do this yourself kirsty"
"mhm i will as soon as i become superman" I said cheekily grinning "now go go get it"

after all that 'kerfuffle' was over I my goosebumps had gone down I went into my room to get ready
I changed into;
my BK's (skate shoes)
a bullet for my valentine top
black skinnies and an aiden jacket
I looked over at the clock 3:46
I'll just close my eyes for a second
"come on kirsty your sister is already at the airport"
I looked at the clock again an it was 4:00
what?! did I fall asleep?!
god dammit!
here goes idk how many hours bored.
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Okay, this ^ is a repost of my first chapter.
I decided I'm stopping this story, and starting a new one, the thing is, from the time I started it to now ALOT has happened and it's conplicated my story, so I'm starting again, I hope you will support me because I love you all!

I'll post the new one soon, and I WILL be updating.