Like You Did Before

The end had been messy.

After two years together, the relationship between Matilda and Iker had soured and when another fight escalated, the opportunity to end things was quickly taken. They’d done what they could. As far as they were both concerned, they’d given their all to try and fix things, and with no obvious solution in sight, they were better off apart. There was just one complication: the positive pregnancy test.

Matilda told Iker straight away and Iker didn’t hesitate in promising that, no matter what they were to each other, he’d be there for the baby, but when the little girl arrives, the two of them find that promises were easier to make than they were to keep. With their daughter in the picture, Iker and Matilda know that they need to find a way to make things work between them, but it proves easier said than done, making them wonder what it is that they ought to do for the best.

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Iker Casillas or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and the OCs are mine.