Christmas Plans in Feburary

"You'll be coming to dinner tonight, right Vic?" Molly shouted to Vic as she spotted him walk by her desk.

Vic glanced up from the paperwork he had been reading over and frowned. He simply shook his head at her in annoyance before he moved down to his own desk on the other side of the office.

"Why do you bother asking him? He's just going to say he can't go 'cause his partner might come back." Molly's desk-mate grumbled.

The grumbler was once a pursuer of Vic; she had tried all sorts of things to just get a date with the man, but he always turned her down saying 'my partner this' 'my partner that'. When she had actually tried to meet this partner Vic has honestly told her that he had not seen the person in years himself.

"Well, maybe one of these days he'll say yes. I imagine it's gotta be lonely waiting for that person for so long," Molly replied good naturally.

"IF that person even exists. I think he just doesn't want to hang out with anyone," the other woman snapped angrily.

She was still hurting from when Vic rejected her firmly a few months earlier. Molly sighed, not wanting to get into an argument over this and cause potential misunderstandings. She instead turned the conversation to other things.

Vic, meanwhile, had returned to his desk, blissfully unaware of his co-workers' thoughts. He worked swiftly to input the data from his paperwork. As soon as he finished the packet he had brought to his desk he would be able to head home.

He would do what he did every night; make a dinner for two, watch a movie while he waited for awhile, and then eat the cold food alone. It did not bother him much anymore; the first few years without his lover had been hard, but he was used to it now. Ten years had passed since they had last seen each other, but still Noah was the only one that Vic could think about.

The man finished up his work quickly, shut down his computer, and gathered up everything he would need to head home. He glanced around to see a number of his coworkers had already left as well, so he did not feel too bad about booking it out of the place while everyone else stayed behind. He said goodnight to anyone who acknowledged him and headed out.

As he reached his car, Vic's phone began to ring loudly. He sighed in annoyance as he pulled it out of his pocket and took a moment to glance at the caller. He should not have bothered; he knew exactly who it was. He swiped his finger to answer the call.

"Hey Mom," he stated as he got into the car.

"Victor! Why haven't you called me yet this week?!" His mother demanded crossly.

"Mom, it's Tuesday, can you cut me some slack?" He begged.

He put his key into his car's ignition and started it.

"What? Am I not allowed to worry about you? You've only been living along for a few months and now I heard that you've started drinking again from your sister! Are you really okay? Do you need us to come back?"

"Mom, please, I'm fine. I'm 26 already, so what's a drink here and there?"

"Vic, you know what alcohol does to the people in this family! I know you are waiting for your...friend, but it seems to me like you are falling apart! We've only just moved out!"

"Seriously Mom, I'm fine. How about you and Dad come down for dinner this weekend again? We...We can have that Christmas dinner we missed, okay?"

"Victor, it's a bit late for Christmas...Oh, but okay, I'll make something for you, okay? Do you want a gift too?"

"That'd be great, Mom. I'll get something for you and Dad too...I'll make up for missing Christmas this year. I'm getting ready to drive home, so I will talk to you later okay?"

"...alright, hun. Text me when you get home alright?"

"Alright Mom, talk to you later, love you. Bye."

Vic waited to hear his mother's goodbye before he hung up his phone and flung it to the passenger seat. He pressed his hands against his eyes in annoyance. He had just finalized everything with his parents in regard to the house so he thought they might give him some space. Looks like he was wrong. Plus his older sister just had to go out and blab about the beers in his fridge!

Shaking his head to himself, Vic threw his car into reverse and backed out of his parking space. At least he didn't have to decorate or anything for this out of season Christmas he was about to have; he had never taken down the fake tree his mother had put up for Christmas two months ago just after they had moved out to their smaller house.

Vic quickly made his way out of the parking lot and merged into the 5 o'clock traffic to head home while thinking about his Christmas plans. A weekend that was supposed to be quiet would be livened up by his parents' reappearance into their family home that he had bought off them. He wondered if they would at least bring their new dog. He made a mental note to ask his mother to do just that.

The drive home was...peaceful. Traffic was bad, but luckily Vic never was in much of a hurry to get back. He was well aware that Noah was not going to be there when he got back, but that did not mean he could not let himself dream a bit. He decided he would buy a gift for Noah as well as his parents and their dog. It would be just yet another gift to throw into the room Vic had dedicated for Noah. There was a steadily growing pile of gifts.

Vic pulled into the driveway of the house he had lived in since the day he was born and shut off the car. He sat in the driveway for a few moments, imagining what it would be like it he opened up the door to the house and heard the familiar voice of Noah calling to him "Welcome home!"

Vic laughed at himself and then grabbed his discarded phone. He got out of the car and headed up to the door. Placing the key in the lock, he unlocked it with ease and turned the knob. A light flickered on as soon as he stepped in.

"...Welcome home, Vic..."
♠ ♠ ♠
Written while sleepy and without a writing program. Please point out any errors you see, that would be much appreciated.

Vic's name was originally Vex, so if you see anywhere I may have forgotten to change it, give me a shout.