"...Welcome home, Vic..."
"Thanks Alexa," Vic called out to his Amazon Echo.
He had programmed it to greet him any time the door opened so that at least someone was waiting for him to get home. It could be a little awkward whenever someone came to visit, so he would make sure to change it before his parents arrived on the upcoming Sunday.

Remembering he had promised to text his mother, Vic paused in the doorway with the door open and texted her. With the task done, he kicked the door shut and pulled his coat off of his shoulders. He dumped it lazily on the floor and made his way to the kitchen. Once there, he pulled a thick blue binder down from its hiding place on the top of one of the cabinets and opened it to a random page.

The binder was filled with different kinds of recipes. A few at the start of the binder were marked with green and red tags. After looking at a few pages at random, Vic decisively flipped to one of the green marked pages. It opened up to a recipe for ''Foil Pack Chicken and Broccoli''. The page had been simply printed off of a google search page, but there were hand written notes all over it.

"Perfect," He beamed and began to move about the kitchen with familiarity, pulling out the ingredients and tools he needed to make the meal.

He started to preheat his oven and brought over everything he needed. He dumped some chicken stuffing into a bowl along with some water and mixed the two together. Next he rolled out some aluminum foil and flattened out a glob of the water/chicken stuffing mix in the middle of it. On top of that he carefully placed a piece of raw chicken.

He had made this dish enough times that he should remember it by heart, but just in case, Vic took a moment to read over the recipe again before he continued. Next he slathered some ranch on the chicken before he turned to the broccoli. In the past he used to simply dump an entire floret of broccoli over the chicken, but Noah had never been fond of the large chunks.

So instead, Vic grabbed a sharp knife and began to cut the broccoli up finely before he carefully sprinkled it on top of the chicken and ranch. Following that was some bacon bits and a generous helping of shredded Parmesan cheese. With that done, he rolled everything up into the foil, cut slits to release steam, and placed the finished product onto a baking pan.

Vic repeated this five more times; two would be for him while the other three would be for Noah...or rather, for Vic's lunch the next day. Noah had always warned Vic never to waste food. Vic was obedient to Noah's every wish, so whatever food was left over would be eaten later.

Just as he was finishing up, the oven beeped, letting him know it was ready to bake. He smiled cheerily at the oven and patted it affectionately before opening it up to put in the foil wrapped chicken. He then set a timer and sat nearby to play on his phone.

He spent the next 40 minutes looking at gifts on Amazon. He was a little excited for the Christmas dinner after all. Due to work and an argument with his parents over the house, Vic had not been able to join his family for their annual dinner-which was the only time he got to see most of his family. He had since then made up with his parents, but actually getting them gifts had slipped his mind.

As soon as the oven's timer beeped, Vic pulled his creation out and left it to cool for awhile. He continued to shop about on Amazon while he waited for Noah. He moved from the kitchen to the living room couch for a few minutes before he went to pace in front of the door to what he called 'Noah's room'.
An hour passed.
Two hours passed.

Vic finally looked up from his phone with an unsatisfied frown. It was nearly 8, so he figured it was time to give up for the night and eat dinner. He had already spent well over $150 on gifts and 2-day delivery, so he figured he better stop while he was ahead.
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