Hotel room

Vic pushed the door open all the way and his heart nearly stopped.

The room was empty.

The hundreds of gifts Vic had gathered for Noah had vanished. Fear flashed through him and weakness in his knees caused him to nearly drop to the floor. Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of stuff and priceless memories gone. There was nothing to show for all of the painful, patient waiting Vic had gone through the past decade.

His first instinct was to call his parents. Next he thought to call the police. He did neither. If his parents found out he had been robbed in such an awful way, they would insist that either he move in with them or that he let his sister live with him. Or maybe even something worse. He didn't want to worry them.

A cold calm swept over Vic. Did it really matter? It was just useless stuff that would collect dust anyway. He had more important things to worry about. Vic shut the door and began to tear apart the house to make sure nothing of importance had been stolen.

Luckily it seemed it had only been Noah's room that had been hit; Vic's secret stash of savings, his social security card and other important documents were all there. He even checked to make sure that anything that could have been used as a weapon was all in its proper place. And the very last thing he did was to check Noah's room once more.

The window in the room was slightly cracked open.

Vic frowned and shut it, debating on what he should do. Knowing sleep was absolutely not an option for him now, he gathered up everything of importance and piled it all into his car. He took a few more minutes to let the car heat up and lock up the entire house as best he could before he grabbed his coat and left the driveway.

It was only about 8:30 so Vic debated on what he should do for awhile before finally settling on heading to a hotel. He had plenty of money saved up to stay in a hotel or motel until he could decide what he wanted to do. Well, at least until Saturday, when he would have to return for his dinner with his parents...

The motel he picked was nothing much, but it was enough for a night at least. Vic brought in everything with him, rolled up in his jacket, and hid himself away in the room. The room was nice, despite how shady the exterior of the motel looked. The sheets were clean and there was no black mold to be seen in the bathroom nor was there any odd odors. He was paranoid, however, so he spent a long time thoroughly checking over every inch of the place.

When he was finally settled down enough to relax slightly, he went through what he had brought in with him again and discovered the packet of tea. He hesitated for a moment but as the strong floral scent of it washed over him he decided it would not hurt to make himself a cup. There were plastic cups in the bathroom next to the sink and a microwave on a counter in the main room, so it would not be too difficult.

As he microwaved the water for the tea, Vic glanced outside the window into the darkness of the night, thinking. He had to make up his mind for what eh should do. Perhaps he could ask for help from someone else? He did not have many friends left in the area, but there were a few people who may be wiling. A good number would be happy to hear he was giving up on Noah...

The beeping of the microwave startled him back to the present so he got to a feet and carefully pulled the hot cup out. He dropped the tea bag into it and let it seep for awhile. Not long after the scent of the tea filled the room and Vic found his body relaxing involuntarily. He was really, really tired... He began to sip at the tea and felt it's warmth spread from his throat to his stomach to the rest of his body.

As he drank, Vic felt his eyes lids get heavier. He was not sure if it was because he was exhausted from the stress, if the tea had a strong effect on him, or if it was a mix of both, but he suddenly felt too tired to even think. He stumbled to his feet, turned off the lights, finished the tea, and curled up under the covers of the bed. He was asleep before his head his the pillow.

The next morning Vic woke up sluggishly to bright sunlight. He stretched out lazily before he suddenly remembered everything and where he was. Looking at the sun, he jerked to his feet with a cry of dismay; he was beyond late for work.
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This is it for tonight, I'm getting tired... I need to get me some o' that tea!