Vic hunted down his phone and realized he had forgotten to plug it in so it had died, thus the reason he had not woken up to his alarm. In fact, he did not remember grabbing a charger at all. It was best if he just gathered everything up again and headed straight to work. He chest felt tight with stress, but at least he was finding himself somewhat well rested...

Vic checked out of the hotel room after making sure three times that he had everything and headed off to work. He paused at the gas station to grab some lunch and a phone charger and then continued on. He got to his desk at about 11:15. He would definitely be staying late.

"Hey, Vic, I was starting to get worried. Tea helped, huh?" Nick called with a grin as he wandered over.

"Ahaha...yeah," Vic laughed but after he thought about it, perhaps the tea really had helped?

"What kind of tea was that?" Vic asked.

"A jasmine green tea from my wife's sister. I think she blends it herself. Did you want some more? We have tons of the stuff at home." Nick questioned.

"Sure, but maybe I'll wait until the weekend to try it out again," Vic replied nervously.

"Don't worry about being late; you made it in, didn't you? I know you won't skimp on your work, so don't worry about it. I've got a meeting with Johnathan, so I've gotta run. Don't work yourself too hard, okay, bud?" Nick cheerily chattered before he headed off.

Things seemed to be going well for Nick at home for the moment. At least Vic didn't have to deal with a grouchy boss on top of everything else. Vic got to work feeling slightly more relaxed. There was no need to rush; he had no reason to be home on time today. He could just order a pizza or something for dinner...Noah had never been fond of pizza, so he did not order it often.

The day passed quickly. Vic opted out of lunch at his usual time since he had gotten in so late, so Jacob visited him to check up on him.

"Hey, you're never late, everything okay?" Jacob asked softly as he plopped down in the seat abandoned by Vic's neighbor.

Vic paused for a moment, wondering if he should say anything or not. In the end he decided it would be good to at least tell someone. He quietly recounted what happened, Jacob's frown deepening as he listened.

"You didn't call the cops?" Jacob asked.

"I really don't want my parents to freak out. They might do something unreasonable. I've told you what they are like before." Vic sighed heavily.

"...If you are interested, my brother is in town. He could stay with you and make sure the house is okay if you want." Jacob offered suddenly.

"Zero? He's back in America?" Vic asked in surprise.

"Yeah, just for a few months, probably before he gets bored again. He was thinking about renting a place, but if you are cool with it, it might be nice to have someone else living with you. He'll pay rent and I'll make sure he won't make a mess." Jacob urged.

Vic thought about it for a moment. The house was a two bedroom with and office that had been converted into a third bedroom. It might not hurt and Jacob's brother Freddy "Zero" was certainly someone who Vic felt would be a good choice as a sort of security guard. Zero had been in the military from the time he was 18 to just two years ago when he was Vic's age. He had been touring around the world those two years, sending back stories and gifts to Jacob and his wife.

"It wouldn't be a pain for him?" Vic asked.

Jacob was surprised, "You're seriously considering it? What about your boyfriend?" He whispered.

Vic just shrugged.

"I've given up. It's been 10 years after all. He's probably either found another life or is dead." Vic said bitterly.

"It'll be good for you to have someone else in the house too, right? You've never really been alone there with your sister and parents. I'll give him a call in a bit and let you know. If he agrees, I'll give him your number." Jacob smiled, his expression relaxing.

"Thanks, J. Go have lunch with your wife, I don't want her to get jealous," Vic teased.

Jacob reached over to ruffle Vic's hair playfully and headed off. Vic returned to his work, thinking it might be interesting if he has someone like Zero around. At the very least he would feel a lot safer after this weird robbery.

As the day neared it's end, Vic checked his phone and found he had a text message from an unknown number. He read it over and sure enough it was Zero. He was concise and straight to the point; asking about rent, for details of the robbery, and when he could come see the house. Vic thought it over and replied in a similar matter.

'Rent will just be 200 a month if you are willing to help out around the house. I can tell you the details of everything over the phone or when you come look at the house...what time is good for you?'

The reply came quickly, 'As soon as you are willing. Get me out of this disgusting hotel room.' Vic could not help but to laugh and grinned as he typed out his reply. 'I am leaving work in a bit. I should be home in half an about an hour from now? The address is.........' Zero gave an affirmative shortly thereafter so Vic packed up to go home.
♠ ♠ ♠