Main Character


A massive castle stood proudly over a misty forest, protecting its citizens from all harm. The building looks formidable at first glance, but upon further inspection one might notice the slightly dilapidated walls, the sagging architecture, and the increasingly dead, fearful silence that befell the land. Perched on top of one of the walls facing the trees sat a slender figure, one that saw many things in its time. A wind blew past, tugging at the blood red cape tied around her neck ever so slightly as if beckoning the mysterious girl to another adventure. In spite of the elements clear taunts, the woman stayed put. She looked out across the barren forest, in which all the creatures had fled upon hearing what was to come. Not a sound pierced the deafening silence.
There was scarcely a rustle of fabric to announce the arrival of another, less mysterious figure. A man nearing the middle of his lengthy life gazed at the back of the cloaked figure. His lips curved, displaying an all knowing grimace.
“I half expected you to have disappeared by now, my child.” His voice pierced gently through the silence, aged with the many years of service to his people.
The girl bowed her head, her hood obscuring her expression. “You know I do not fight others battles.If there is blood to shed I shall not play a part.”
“But my child, the prophecy-”
“Damn your prophecies!” Turning to face the man, her voice cracked slightly, and she fell silent for a brief moment. She turned away again, eyes gazing at something the man could not see. “Damn your prophecies, damn destiny, and damn fate itself.” These words were laced with guilt and regret, and they seemed to bring the woman’s frame down with her.
All was quiet again, neither of the pair daring to speak. At last, the woman spoke again, this time to the trees which seemed to hang on her every word. “I have many names, of which you know only one. I have no tragic backstory, and no happy ending. There is no one to save me, for I am no damsel in distress. A hero I am not, yet a villain I shall never be. I belong to only myself. No prophecy shall tie me down, it cannot be.” A single tear traced its way down her cheek. “If I were to take part in any soul’s story, it would be…” She shook her head, almost in disbelief of her story. “I cannot have a story of my own. To do so would only make things worse. I have seen too much death, gazed upon too many betrayed souls to believe otherwise.”
At last, the woman rose. The sun had just started to peek out over the first trees, setting her silhouette alight. The man watched her back, at a loss for words for the first time in his life. Finding something at last, he raised his eyes to the back of her head. “You know that you will always have a place here should you need a home.”
The woman let out a bitter laugh, a noise soaked with the harsh reality of her existence. She turned back to the man and smiled for the first time in years. “I have never had a home, I daren’t think I will be in need of one anytime soon.” The last thing the man saw of her was a flash of her clever green eyes as she dove off of the wall into the trees below.