Can’t Look Away

The relationship between Lionel and Leila was over before it had started.

It was nothing more than a couple of nights, but with the same circle of friends, when it was over, they had to find a way to exist in one another's lives. There weren’t any lingering feelings, Lionel and Leila hadn’t been together for long enough for them to ever develop, let alone for them to linger after it was all said and done, and so when Leila invites him to her wedding, Lionel has no qualms about accepting the invitation.

Despite his best efforts, though, the prospect of watching Leila get married overwhelms him, and somewhere between the newly-weds’ first kiss and the best man’s speech, he slips away, only to find himself sharing his hiding spot with the bride’s younger sister. Sasha has her reasons for hiding too, most namely her own complicated relationship with the groom, and so she understands what Lionel is hiding from.

A couple of glasses of champagne and a few coy smiles follow, and when Sasha asks Lionel to dinner, he accepts, but what starts out as simple, grows more complicated when other people find out and leaves the two of them questioning whether or not they can overcome the complications, or whether it is even worth it to try.

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone else you may recognise, but the plots and OCs are mine.