Can’t Look Away

07: You Know He’s Not My Boyfriend

“Sasha, your tea”

Sasha whipped around, tearing her eyes from the pitch and settling them on Cassie who stood over her, a paper cup extended out towards her. It hadn’t taken any kind of convincing to get Cassie to go to the game with her. The combination of watching the match and the prospect of watching Sasha squirm whenever she asked probing questions about what was happening between her and Lionel had been enough, but despite the teasing, Sasha was glad that she was there. Her presence was a welcome distraction from the butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

She had thought about not going. When she had woken up that morning and caught sight of the tickets that Lionel had left with her a few days previous, her nerves had started to get the better of her, but she had been quick to remind herself of the conversation she and Lionel had had. It had made her feel better. His reassurances that whatever it was that was happening between the two of them didn’t have to move forwards before she was ready had soothed a few of her worries, and whilst she wasn’t prepared to let her walls fall entirely, she was prepared to let them slide slightly, curious about whether or not something could flourish between them.

“Huh?” Sasha spluttered.

Cassie’s lips quirked up into a teasing smirk. “Sorry to distract you from ogling your boyfriend” she quipped “But you asked me to bring you back a tea. Are you going to take it?” she prodded, wiggling the cup in her hand slightly.

Sasha rolled her eyes and took the cup, sipping from it as she turned back to the game in an attempt to disguise her pink cheeks. “You know he’s not my boyfriend” she mumbled.

“I do” Cassie confirmed, the impish grin audible in her voice “I just like seeing you get all defensive. You revert to an awkward teenager so easily” she added.

Sasha shook her head, feigning a glare as she looked back at her friend. “Do you actually want to meet him or not?” she prodded.

“You wouldn’t dare ditch me” Cassie played along.

“Do you want to test that theory?” Sasha asked “I mean, I told him that he could come over to the house when he was done here, but it’d be really easy to rearrange those plans. We could go to dinner, just me and him” she added, cracking a small smile to show Cassie that she was just teasing.

Cassie rolled her eyes, but conceded with a huffed sigh. “Fine” she mused “I’ll be nice” she added.

“Thank you” Sasha replied “And thank you for coming with me” she added, her voice softening a little.

Cassie patted her shoulder lightly, wordlessly assuring her that it was nothing. It was going to take a little work. Starting a new relationship was always something Sasha worried about, she had been hurt before and worried, probably too much, that it was inevitable that it would happen again, and Cassie didn’t mind offering her a little support, even if she was sure that she didn’t need it with Lionel. If it meant that Sasha was prepared to give it a shot, Cassie was happy to give her whatever support she needed.

“You really didn’t need to cook, Cassie” Lionel mused as he set his cutlery down, his stare settled on Sasha’s room-mate who sat across from him, sipping on a glass of water. He had been apprehensive about meeting her. In the conversations that he and Sasha had had, it had become clear that the other woman was important in Sasha’s life, and he had wanted to make a good impression on her. He wanted to show Sasha that regardless of what their relationship ended up being, he could fit in with the other parts of her life.

Cassie waved a hand, settling her glass down. “It was no trouble” she mused “Besides, now I can subtly sneak away and leave the two of you alone to clear up” she added.

Sasha, who’d already started to pick up plates, scoffed. “You’ve never done anything subtly” she noted.

“Do you want me to keep third wheeling?” Cassie quipped “Because I can. I can go and find that photo album you hate” she added.

“Please, go” Sasha squeaked.

“That’s what I thought” Cassie chirped smugly “Leo. Can I call you that?” she asked.

Lionel, who’d been smiling at the exchange between the two of them, nodded. “Of course” he confirmed.

“It was lovely meeting you, Leo” Cassie mused.

“You, too” Lionel replied.

Cassie flashed him a warm smile before she glanced over his head at Sasha, offering her a small nod. Sasha smiled back at her shyly before Cassie stepped out of the room, allowing it to fall quiet. Moving to collect the last of the plates, Sasha settled them down beside the sink before she reached for the tap, slowly filling the sink up with water. “She likes you” she said quietly.

Lionel, who’d been watching her quietly, tilted his head, a pleased smile spreading across his features. “Do you think so?” he asked.

Sasha nodded her head, her eyes fixed on the sink. “She wouldn’t have left if she didn’t” she said.

“I like her” Lionel mused “She’s funny” he added.

“She thinks that she is” Cassie replied, flashing him a small playful smile “But honestly, she’s just trying to look out for me. I am sure that you’ve noticed, but I have a tendency to be my own worst enemy, and Cassie’s probably the best person at stopping me from getting too carried away” she added.

Lionel nodded his head slowly, allowing the room to fall quiet again before Sasha breathed out a slightly rueful laugh. “I should have just told you that I enjoyed the match” she mused.

Lionel slipped out of his seat and moved towards her, stopping to pick up a towel.

Sasha caught his movement out of the corner of her eye, causing her to stifle a bashful smile before she offered a wet plate out to him.

Lionel took it and wiped it over before he wandered towards a cupboard.

“The one on the right” Sasha said softly, watching him over her shoulder.

Lionel nodded and put the plate away before he walked back to her side. “You enjoyed the match?” he asked, taking the next plate out of her hand.

“I’ve been before” Sasha mused “But it’s been a while. I forgot how much I enjoyed being there” she added.

“If you’re interested in going again, just let me know” Lionel said “I’m happy to help with tickets” he added.

Sasha nodded her head in thanks, wiping over another plate, before she pulled the towel out of his hand gently. Using it to dry her hands, she tossed it onto the counter before she turned towards him. Lifting a hand, she cupped his cheek in her palm before she pushed herself up onto her toes, lightly brushing her lips over his. Lionel's arm wrapped around her waist when she tried to pull away, holding her close so that he could keep the kiss going until a smash entered their ears, causing them both to jump back and stare at the broken plate on the floor.

Staring at the fragments of porcelain, Lionel felt his cheeks warm before he quirked a bashful smile. “I’m sorry” he mused.

“I surprised you” Sasha replied “It’s fine. I didn’t even see it in your hand” she added.

They both kept staring at the broken plate for a moment longer before they both slowly looked up at one another, shy smiles pulling at both of their lips. Making sure that she avoided the fragments, Sasha stepped close again, and when she was close enough, Lionel ducked his head to hers, kissing her slowly and tentatively until Sasha pulled away, wordlessly redirecting them back to the sink. Lionel followed her lead, recollecting his towel, but he couldn’t stifle his small smile and noticed that Sasha couldn’t either.
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