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Nothing Left.

”Abby, Ian, can you come here?” Paul called for his oldest and youngest children. He was pacing the living room as his wife, Judy, sat in her recliner. As the kids came into the living room, Paul had them sit on the couch. He didn’t know how to break the news.

Turning to face his nineteen year old son, and thirteen year old daughter, Paul sighed. “Hannah, went camping with her friends. The police called this morning, they found the campsite, completely ransacked. Hannah and her friends, they’re dead...” Paul’s gaze had landed on the floor. “They believe it was wild animals, a bear or something...” he added quietly.

That day had scarred Abigail for the rest of her life. It had changed the entire course of her life. Her father started acting strange, her mother became cold and disconnected. Paul took it upon himself to teach his remaining children how to defend themselves against anything he could.

Abby was a hunter, much to her father’s dismay. She was going out and saving people, killing the things that go bump in the night. After her family history was brought to light, Abby embraced it.

Abigail Matthews was a third generation hunter.