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His Love


All Emily remembered, before the world went dark, were shouts of panic and the glaring headlights of the car coming straight at her. She didn’t know how she’d gotten to the hospital or how long she’d been there, but it was definitely med.

“Em... Emily, can you hear me?” came a familiar voice as she groaned in pain.

“The only person that calls me Emily is my father and I hate him,” Emily mumbled, opening her eyes slowly to find her boyfriend standing beside her bed, “Don’t make me start calling you William.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would,” she joked, grimacing as pain seemed to shoot through her entire body, “What’s the damage?”

“Broken ribs, a broken leg, concussion, as well as multiple cuts and bruises,” Will answered as he moved around the room, checking the monitors and typing stuff on the tablet he was holding, “You were lucky.”

Will soon left and Emily lay in silence, staring at the ceiling. Exhaustion soon took over and she finally drifted off, waking up the next morning to a loud clatter in the corridor outside her room.

Panic washed through her and her chest constricted, making it hard for her to breathe. The monitors suddenly went crazy and a couple of nurses rushed into the room, but that only made it worse.

“I...” Emily began, pulling her arm away as a med student tried to inject her with something, “Don’t.”

“Woah, what’s going on?” came Connor Rhodes’ voice as he entered the room.

“Her heartbeat is erratic and she’s refusing medication,” the student told him.

“That would be because she’s having a panic attack and doesn’t need meds to bring her out of it,” Connor replied, moving over to the side of the bed, “Em, I need you to take some slow, deep breaths for me... can you tell me three things that you can hear?”

“Y-your voice... the nurses... and the beeping from the machines.”

“Nice, take it easy, two things that you can see.”

“I...” Emily stated, taking another deep breath and trying again, “The window and my hands.”

“Last one, a sensation you can feel.”

“Your hand on my arm.”

It took a few minutes, but her breathing slowly calmed down and she settled back against the pillows. Connor cleared the room, dimming the lights and shutting the door as he left.


The next three days were filled with tests and medical chatter, but Emily was ready to go home. Sat on her bed waiting, she stared down at her hands and looked up as the door opened.

“Hey you,” Will greeted as he walked in, “You ready to get out of here.”

“More than ready,” Emily told him with a smile.

“I finish my shift in half an hour, how about you wait at the nurse's desk and we’ll grab some food on our way home?”

“Sounds good.”

Will’s shift soon came to an end and they headed back to his apartment, picking up some food from the diner on the way. Settled on the sofa, once they’d finished eating, Emily cuddled deeper into Will’s side and allowed his heartbeat to lull her to sleep.
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