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His Love


It was six months before Emily was cleared for duty, six months of sitting behind a desk and attending physiotherapy twice a week. Despite still being in some pain, she was excited to return to work and get back out on the street.

“It’s good to have you back, partner,” Will’s brother, Jay greeted with a grin as she approached her desk.

“It’s really good to be back,” Emily replied, handing him the coffee she’d brought in and looking up as Voight called their names.

“No time to get comfy, you two are heading over to med,” he informed them.

“What have we got?” Jay inquired.

“A young male was found unconscious this morning in an alley covered in blood.”

Unsure of what they were walking into, Emily slipped her gun into the holster on her hip and followed Jay out to his truck. Sat in the passenger seat, she stared out the window at the passing scenery and played absent-mindedly with the sleeve of her jumper.

It didn’t take them long to reach the hospital and they climbed out, heading inside.

“Hey Maggie,” Emily greeted with a smile as they approached the nurse’s desk, “We’re here about the young male that was brought in earlier today.”

“You want treatment room 4, Will is the attending,” Maggie told them, turning as someone called her name and resting her hand on Emily’s arm, “We need a girl’s night soon.”

“For sure.”

With a smile, Maggie walked off and Emily led Jay over to the right treatment room. Will was already inside and glanced up as she tapped on the window, motioning for them to give him a minute.

“What do we know?” Jay stated as soon as his brother joined them.

“Not a lot,” Will replied, “His name is Oscar Chase, twenty-three years old and he was brought in after being found unconscious on the street. It’s obvious that he’s been beaten up, broken nose, broken ribs, cuts, and bruises.”

“Has he said anything?” Emily added.

“Just that he deserved it, but he passed out before he could elaborate and he’s yet to wake up.”

“Did he have anything with him?” Jay inquired.

“Nothing, except for the clothes he was wearing...”

It wasn’t a lot to go on as far as a victim profile went, but it was a start and something they could build on once Oscar came round. Random acts of violence were a common occurrence in Chicago, especially upon those who were unable to fight back and were deemed easy targets.

Sat at her desk a while later, Emily sighed in frustration and ran a hand over her face. Their victim still hadn’t woken up and none of their inquiries had led anywhere productive, which left them waiting to speak to the only person that could point them in the right direction. Oscar.
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Did Oscar really deserve what happened to him? If so, why?