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His Love


It was a few days before Oscar woke up and Emily headed over to the hospital with Jay, hoping to get some answers. The case hadn’t progressed and, as expected, nobody had seen anything that had happened the day he’d been attacked.

“Will,” Jay called as he spotted his brother standing at the nurse’s desk talking to Natalie.

“Hey, he’s still in treatment room four,” Will informed, “You can talk to him, but he’s not saying much...”

Not wanting to scare Oscar, Emily left Jay and wandered over to their victim’s room. Despite knowing that he was awake, Oscar was laid with his back to the door and hadn’t reacted to the sound of her approaching the bed.

“Oscar, are you awake?” Emily said, keeping her voice low and soft, “My name is detective Groves, I was hoping that we could talk and that you’d be willing to tell me what happened.”

“Nothing happened,” came a quiet response.

“So, you’re telling me that your injuries just appeared all by themselves,” Emily added, “Look, Oscar, I’m trying to help you, but I can’t if you refuse to talk to me, or at least tell me who did this to you.”

“I don’t want your help, I didn’t want the police involved in the first place,” Oscar argued, “Just leave me alone.”

Knowing better than to push, Emily left the room and shook her head as Jay looked at her questioningly.

“Mags, has the guy in treatment room four had any visitors that you know of?” Emily inquired as Jay went to see if Oscar would talk to him.

“No one that stuck around, but there was one guy that asked about his current state and left when I told him that I couldn’t tell him anything.”

Interested in finding out who the visitor was, Emily took a look at the security footage and snapped a picture of the guy that Maggie pointed out to her. She didn’t know what, but something about the man was familiar and she just couldn’t figure it out.

Sat in the passenger seat of the truck a while later, Emily stared at the picture of the man and listened as Jay made suggestions for their next move.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” he inquired.

“I’ve seen this guy before, but I can’t...” Emily began, falling silent as it came to her, “Jay, we need to head back to the station.”

Without a word, Jay took the next turning and made his way back to the precinct.

“Are you planning to fill me in any time soon?” Jay stated as Emily rifled through one of the filing cabinets.

“I will, I just need to find... aha,” Emily mumbled, retrieving a thick file and taking it to her desk, “Do you remember Elaine Crawford?”

“The name rings a bell, she was murdered, right?”

“She was,” Emily confirmed, skimming through the reports and statements, “According to this, her family was convinced that it was someone from her neighborhood and there’s a picture in here of Elaine with her brother, Nick.”

“That’s the guy from the hospital.”
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