‹ Prequel: A Life Cycle Reborn
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A Life Again

Chapter 1 Oden Past World: Airus

The sun hits the dirt like glitter on the ground and bugs in the grass chirp as I wait behind my favorite tree. The feel of my sword in my webbed hand as I wait is familiar, like a friend I have known forever even though I am just a boy. I am ready for her. I am going to scare her. She will see and will have to give in and let me win.
I peek around the tree to see where she is. She was in the park not long before. I glance at the nearby workers, building the boardwalk. She wouldn't go there.
“Ha! There you are.” She bounds for me and I spin away from the tree. Her wooden sword crashes into the bark of the trunk, knocking off a piece. I dodge, duck and bound away from her attempts to catch me. She is good. I will never tell her, but I am better.
She lounges while screaming, “How come you are not taking a bound at me?”
“Because I am quick.”
“Ha! That's no excuse. It's probably because I am not giving you the chance.” She swings with her little girl arms and I dodge away again and giggle at her efforts. She is trying so hard, but I am better than her. I will always be. She doesn't like that I am laughing now and raises her effort. She is faster and stronger, and I decide to give her what she wants and swing my sword to combat hers. They clank together and she roars in excitement, with the hair on her half-shaved head whipping in the air as she meets my efforts.
I growl back and she smiles, now she is dodging and spinning out of the way while I give her my focus. When she gets the chance, she lunges at me. She is good but I got her with a jab to the shoulder. She glances down at the spot where my wooden sword is touching her tanned skin.
She sighs in defeat, “Oden, how did you do that?”
I store my sword in my handmade belt and reply, “I'm better than you.”