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A Life Again

Chapter 5 Dainer Recent Past World: Airus

Sometimes people assume that being who I am is sheer luck, a gift or a burden depending on how you judge it or how others explain it. I acknowledge that I am in a unique position. Some assume that I must be without feeling or that I am out of touch with everything. Some believe that every choice I make is a calculated move. Some assume that I have had a sheltered life and don't know what is best. Some say I am smart; others say I am stupid. Some say I don't deserve to have the life that I do while others feel that I am a true fit. Some think I should contribute more while others think I should back off. One thing is for sure, that there is no shortage of opinions.

No matter what I choose, they will always judge my choices. The commentary never ends. It is never what people think it is and it was no different when I made my latest choice. Let me remind you that these opinions don't bother me because they have always been there, right from my earliest memories. It is my normal like the way the winds shape the desert sand into rippling waves. One day the ripples are many while other days the sand looks like a smooth surface. It's a constant cycle of change and you know it's there, but you let that thought settle into the background of your life.

Did I know her, some ask? The answer is no. I have never even met her. I have never heard her voice or seen her handwriting in a letter. I don't know if she is sweet or selfish. I don't know what her dreams are or if she has any? I know of her family, but I have never spoken to them. I know they are powerful like mine. I know that they appreciate a good alliance and I know that my family feels the same. I don't know if this was her choice to extend me an invitation or it was her parents who did. It may not have even been at her parents' suggestion, this may have been at the recommendation of one of their advisors.

The letter was received this morning and was placed on the desk in my office. I opened it and noted the crisp card paper and elegant calligraphy in black ink. Whoever wrote it is skilled. It looks like a wedding invitation and it may as well be. I have no problems with women, but I have to say that a formal invitation of this nature is the first that I have received. I stand and slowly walk around my desk that is in the center of the floor. My arms are folded around my trim torso with the letter tucked in my hand. I'm not sure who dropped off the mail this morning. It could have been a servant or one of my parents because something like this usually lands on their desks first.

I walk around the desk to the giant window. The view is of the cactus gardens, passed the wall, which I am on a floor high enough to see the floating city skyscrapers, with the city's hyperloop following the main road veins and further passed is the desert. I know that whether I accept or deny this invitation, news will get out. It always does and normally I am all over invitations. The only thing with this invitation is the person who this invitation is regarding may have no clue. This news will gain attention. There is no doubt. Attention is great, it is assurance that others feel I am important. This news will spark questions which can get tiresome because they tend to be the same. I never understood why they are always the same. I receive questions from many different people often because of the events I attend, the places that I travel and my involvement in this Kingdom and its surrounding territories.

Once the news breaks regarding this invitation that is clasped between my fingers, I know the questions will be a lot more. I walk the length of the window and observe the pod that travels through the nearby hyper-loop and I consider, the attention gives you access to events. I love going and almost always say yes because it means seeing and experiencing something new. New people, places, and things. Events bring out the best in people and something about seeing everyone happy, dressed in their best and enjoying themselves makes it worth it. But this isn't the same. I walk back to my desk, take a seat in my chair and swivel it around so that I face the window to let the sun touch my olive skin.

If I accept this invitation, it will mean traveling. I traveled a lot over the years. I can remember traveling as early as five years old, accompanying my Mother and Father to the places that they went. They loved to show me off. Perhaps that is why I enjoy the attention. As a child growing up, I didn't travel as often as I do now. I accompanied my parents maybe three to four times a year until I reached adulthood. Once my education was complete, life changed. Princes don't get called to serve, like the rest of the young men in the Kingdom do, Princes, get called to command.

It's not the type of commanding that you may think it may be. They call it commanding but it is more like job shadowing. I go and get taught the ropes by one of the leading royal commanders. To clarify it is not my father, the commanders are those that had started from the bottom, getting the notice to call and serve and then working their way up the ranks. I have always respected my Father and his leadership in the royal military. It has meant delegating to the ones who are the strongest at executing offensive and defensive strategies and appointing the best for the job.

My father has the ultimate say in matters, however, he leaves it to the commanders to bring his orders to fruition. I'm going off track. I'm just wasting time in over thinking this. I stand up with the invitation still in hand and make my way halfway across the room when the door opens. "Father I was just coming to see you."

He replies, "I assumed so." He nods to the seating arrangement on the left side of the room and we both take a seat.

I hold up the letter and ask, "About this, what do you think?"

He replies, "Rosaleen is a Princess an