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A Life Again

Chapter 6 Oden Past World: Airus

Shaylo says, "Again?"

"No let's go do something else."

"Oden you just don't want to lose." She flips her hair to the side revealing the part of her head that is shaved beneath the long strands.

"That's not it. I just get bored fighting you. Come on let's go." Part of me not wanting to battle more with Shaylo is because I don't want to let her win today because I don't want to hear her bragging for the rest of the day. She hardly beats me unless I am tired and get lazy and she has worn me down. Shaylo swings her wooden sword in the air and follows along beside me.

I lived here almost my entire life. My mom is from this island just as Shaylo's. Shaylo doesn't know her father because he was called to serve when she was too young to remember his face. Her mother made the choice to stay here and not follow Shaylo's dad to the palace. I live with my mother and father. Father gets called to the palace sometimes, though it is not the same palace as to where Shaylo's father went. My father is from across the sea and serves the King and Queen from those parts. My father always returns home after traveling to work for the King and Queen.

The longest he has been away from us is a month but that was only once. Shaylo's father has been gone for most of her life. We enter through the solid wood arch doors of my home and trample through to the kitchen where the maids are often found. Shaylo and I have an extra sense like we know when the maids have been baking treats and when we enter the kitchen it is confirmed by the rich aroma. We are rewarded with a tray of cookies cooling on the counter. I am about to reach for a cookie when my mother comes into the kitchen.

She startles the two maids with her shouts, but her shouts are not at them they are directed at me. She yells, "Oden you come in here with your friend like trampling elephants from the southern islands. You left a trail of dirt from the doorway to the kitchen. Who do you expect is to clean this mess?"

"The maids?" I reply boldly."

"I don't think so!" Her webbed hands are on her hips.

Father returned home for a break from his project of building the boardwalk here on the island. He asks, "What is all the yelling for?"

She turns to him, "Your son made a mess and needs to show a bit of respect for the maids and clean up."

He laughs, "He is just a boy. Let him play."

"I will after he stops and cleans." She turns to face the counter, "Oden. Oden?"

I appreciated when my father