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A Life Again

Chapter 7 Kyle Present World: Earth

A little while back I had gotten rid of a lot of things from around the house that I wasn't using. What I learned was that getting rid of it all was sort of like having an invisible weight lifted and not to mention some extra cash in my pocket. Not that I was ever hurting. It was more of a relief as a way of sort of starting over but with an almost empty house.

It wasn't long until the house was nearly bare. I had sold off most of the furniture. What's the point of having all those couches if they aren't being used or the spare rooms or her office or all those kitchen gadgets and dishes? We had five casserole dishes. I don't know how to make casseroles, so I just sold them all. Our living room now has only one recliner a television mounted on the wall and one coffee table with a lamp. The kitchen has only a microwave and toaster on the counter. One of the spare rooms is bare while the other has Smarty's kennel.

I don't take it too far, I'm in control and know what I didn't want anymore. The house has an echo in it now from having so few things, but that's okay. The house is being honest with itself and the echo is confirmation that it is nearly barren just like me. With so few belongings it feels like when I had first moved out of my parents' home to live on my own. I could probably fit what's left into a small commercial truck and move it away in one trip. I am not going to lie, after purging this house of things I had been considering it more.

This house is more suited to a family of four than to one person. The fact that I'm playing with the idea in my head I take as a sign I'm ready. The pros are downsizing and saving money, having the option of living closer to work or even perhaps moving to the west side of the city so that I'm a little closer to my parents. The other thing is I would be able to move on. Yes, more than a year has passed but this house was not mine it was ours and every day that I drive to work, I pass that cross on the highway. I think one of her friends marked the spot, I'm not sure but I know it's hers and even though I try not to see it, I do. It sucks.

I am downstairs in the office at my desk and decide. There is no harm in looking to see what's available, condos, townhomes, cottages or smaller single-family homes. I could just buy an empty lot and build. I scroll through the listings and change my search criteria every so often. The west end of the city is nice. Besides being a bit closer to my parents my friend from work is on the west side of the city and there are tons of ATV trails that I can go out on. I spot a little cottage on a small lake. It's a two bedroom, simple, clean and even has internet access. It's half as much as the home I own. It's time. I take my cell phone out of my pocket and dial the phone number of the Realtor on the listing.