Scars & Souvenirs

“I don’t even trust myself any more. And I can’t keep doing this.”

Max Bauer hasn’t had a home in over two years. Every place has been a temporary refuge, and she’s tired. Tired of running, tired of looking over her shoulder, tired of the loneliness. She keeps herself locked away, won’t let anyone in, and falls asleep every night praying this isn’t a dream.

Niall Horan hasn’t moved past the tragedy of unknown. Even after a decade, he is still searching for something he can use to atone for his mistakes. He goes to work, comes home, and falls asleep every night praying this is just a nightmare.

Then Max’s past barrels into her present, and she’s left with a decision to make: Keep running, or trust another person for the first time in years.

What happens when these two broken people find each other? Can they each find what they’ve so long been searching for?

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