Until The Sunshine Fades


“Have you actually got any idea what it is you’re dressing for?”

Isabella shook her head, looking up from the pile of clothes on her bed towards her laptop which was perched on the end table, Elena’s face on its screen. “I asked” she replied “But he was very Gerard about the reply” she added, a faint smile tugging up one corner of her mouth.

It’d been a few days in the making. After Isabella had accepted Gerard’s offer of a date, they had had to wait for him to get back to Barcelona and then a couple more days to find a window that suited the two of them, but the night had finally arrived, something which both excited and terrified Isabella. It was what she wanted. Despite the overwhelming nerves that she had about the prospect of things going wrong, she’d known the moment that Gerard had admitted to wanting to kiss her that she felt the same way, and whilst she was sure that her concerns were going to be with her for a while, she was also curious to see whether things between them could develop into something romantic.

“He didn’t give you any kind of hint?” Elena asked.

“Not really” Isabella said, tossing a couple of dresses onto the floor “I asked a few times, but he either laughed or just grinned at me. He knows how I feel about surprises, and is kind of relishing the fact that I don’t know what’s happening” she added.

Elena smirked. “And you like him?” she prodded.

Isabella glanced over at the laptop, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly. “He makes me laugh” she quipped “I mean, would I have liked a clear answer about what we’re going to be doing tonight? Yes, I would have done, but I didn’t really expect one” she added.

Elena’s expression softened. “Are you nervous?” she asked.

Isabella fiddled with the shirt she was holding in her hands for a moment, thinking the question over, before she slowly nodded her head. “I’m not nervous about seeing him” she said “I’m not even nervous about spending time with him, just the two of us. It’s not like it’s a first, but I just...I worry about saying goodnight” she added, hoping that Elena would see what she was hinting at.

She wasn’t worried about it being just the two of them. Since they’d known one another, they had spent a lot of time alone together, and Isabella doubted that attaching the word ‘date’ to that night would change things too much, but she did worry about what would happen when the night was over. She was nervous about the prospect of the two of them sharing their first kiss.

Elena’s lips quirked slightly. “You have kissed someone before, Izzy” she pointed out.

Isabella glared at the laptop, causing Elena to giggle. “I worry that we can’t take it back” she mused.

“Then wait” Elena said “He likes you, Izzy, and I don’t think that’s a new thing. He’s been patient and I doubt that that is about to change. Have a good time, enjoy whatever he’s got planned, and if, after it’s over, you want to kiss him then do it, but if you still want to wait, I don’t think he’s going to hold it against you” she added.

Isabella smiled. “Have you always been so smart?” she quipped as she padded across the room, collecting her phone from where it sat on her dressing table, vibrating.

“Yes” Elena boasted.

Isabella glanced away from her phone, offering Elena a tender smile. “Thank you” she said “I’ll call you when I am free tomorrow?” she asked.

“Is he there?” Elena prodded.

“He’s going to be shortly” Isabella quipped “And I should probably be dressed when he does get here, otherwise he’ll only kick up a fuss. So, I will tell you about it tomorrow, OK?” she asked.

“I hope it goes well” Elena replied.

Isabella flashed her a nervous grin. “You and me both” she said.

“You’re not taking me to my parents’ house are you?”

Gerard, who was steering the car, quirked an amused smirk. “What makes you ask that?” he asked.

Isabella slowly turned away from the window, offering him a small shy smile when she caught his eyes. “I recognise the route” she mused “But, as much as they liked you, I don’t think spending what is supposed to be our first date with them is going to get this off to the best start” she added, gesturing between the two of them.

“You don’t think it’d be fun?” Gerard played along impishly “We could all have dinner together, you could awkwardly explain how we got back together, after breaking up, and then your mother can break out the baby photos she promised to show me when we were there for the party. It sounds like a great night to me” he added.

“If that is what you have planned, I don’t think I will speak to you again” Isabella retorted.

“You’d miss me” Gerard quipped, turning the car down another street “I bet you’d barely last a week before you cracked and called me” he added.

Isabella rolled her eyes, but couldn’t keep the small smile off of her face, something Gerard noticed, his own face brightening with a soft smile. “It’s not your parents’ house” he announced after a couple of beats of silence “Though, I am kind of kicking myself for not driving straight past it. Your face would have been a picture” he added.

“I would have pushed you into the neighbours’ hedge and taken your car” Isabella replied seriously.

“It would have been worth it” Gerard mused “But, sadly, I didn’t think of it. Instead, I remembered a conversation we had at a party. Someone we both knew was pregnant, I can’t really remember who, but it got us talking about childhood memories, and you mentioned that there was this place you and your brothers used to go, just around the corner from your parents’ place. I looked it up and it looked nice, so I thought some dinner, a bottle of probably slightly too warm wine, and maybe a walk if you’re up for it” he added.

Isabella’s lips quirked slightly, but it didn’t take away from the awed way she was staring at him. “You remembered some random conversation we had at someone’s baby shower?” she asked.

“Is that weird?” Gerard asked “I was aiming for cute, romantic, but I can also see how it’d be weird” he added, his tone caught somewhere between apprehensive and teasing

Isabella smiled to herself as she looked out of the window again. “It’s cute” she commented “You’re cute” she added.

Gerard’s face lit up before he could control it, something which made Isabella shake her head to herself, her teeth gently chewing on her lip as she tried to figure out what was causing the butterflies in the pit of her stomach, her nerves or her excitement.
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