Until The Sunshine Fades


Staring at the hazy figure that was visible through the glass of her front door, Isabella let out a nervous sigh, trying to work up the nerve to step forwards and pull the door open. She had to. Even if she couldn’t get through the request that she wanted to make of Gerard, she had still invited him over, and not letting him in would have been silly, but still she was slightly hesitant. She knew that he would ask. The brief phone call that they had shared had been vague, so much so that Gerard asking what she had wanted was inevitable, and she was dreading it, knowing that admitting it to him would be more embarrassing than admitting it to Elena had been.

Shifting her feet, she listened to the sound of the doorbell chiming again before she finally moved towards the door, pulling it open.

“At last” Gerard quipped, greeting her with a playful roll of his eyes “I was starting to worry that you’d stood me up for the spontaneous dinner you arranged for us only a few hours ago” he added impishly.

Isabella scoffed as she stepped out of the doorway, allowing him to step inside before he stopped ahead of her, leaning over to press a friendly kiss against her cheek. “It’s good to see you” he said as he pulled back, offering her a more sincere smile.

“You, too” Isabella replied, ducking her head slightly “I’m sorry it was so last minute” she added.

Gerard shrugged. “You’re just lucky I was free” he said “Have you already ordered?” he prodded as he stepped away from her, walking into the living room.

Isabella closed her eyes for a second, trying to calm herself down, before she trailed after him. “I thought I’d ask what you wanted to eat first” she said as she padded into the room “It’s not my treat to you if I just pick something I like” she added.

Gerard nodded his head slowly, watching Isabella as she fidgeted in her seat, before he tipped his head forwards, trying to hide the amused grin that had spread across his features. “Out with it” he quipped.

“What?” Isabella spluttered.

“You said you wanted to ask me something on the phone” Gerard noted “And it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to keep being weird until we’ve got it out in the open. So what is it? Should I be worried?” he added teasingly.

He knew that whatever favour she had to ask of him was making her nervous. Even during the brief conversation that they had had on the phone, she had sounded a little off, and he knew that the only way to get her to relax again was to coax the problem out of her, something he had a knack for. She could be evasive. If he pushed too hard, Isabella would simply shake her head and insist that everything was fine, but he knew if he softened his questions with a few teasing quips, she’d let her guard down a little more.

Isabella opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, trying to find the right way to say what she wanted to say, before she eventually let out a sigh, shaking her head slightly. “I don’t know where to start” she admitted “It’s going to sound really...bad” she added.

“Do we need to get you a lawyer?” Gerard quipped impishly.

Isabella glared at him. “Not that kind of bad” she said.

“What kind of bad, then?” Gerard asked “I need something to go on, Izzy” he added.

“I told a lie” Isabella confessed “My mother...she kept asking if I was seeing anyone, and I...I told her that I was” she added.

Gerard’s forehead creased slightly, something which made Isabella shake her head, an embarrass blush creeping its way up her cheeks. “There hasn’t been anyone since Eli, but I told her that there was so that she’d get off my back for a minute” she said quickly, not wanting to allow a silence to settle. She was already embarrassed enough.

Gerard’s lips quirked slightly. He wanted to make a quip about the fact he would have noticed if Isabella had a new boyfriend, but he opted against it. “Why are you telling me this?” he quipped “I mean, it’s kind of funny, but I don’t know why you’d just admit this to me” he added, softening his comment with a playful smirk.

Isabella shook her head, a nervous laugh tumbling out of her mouth. “She called me earlier” she said “My mother. She and my father are throwing a party in a couple of weeks to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary. She sort of sprung it on me, just in the middle of the conversation, she asked me if my boyfriend was going to be attending the party with me, and I...I panicked. I said he’d be there” she added.

Gerard laughed before he could stop himself. “You told your mother that the boyfriend that you’d made up would be making an appearance at her anniversary party?” he asked.

Isabella grimaced, the blush on her cheeks growing deeper. “She ambushed me” she defended “It was out of my mouth before I had the chance to think about it” she added.

“What are you going to do?” Gerard prodded, not even making an attempt to keep the amusement out of his voice.

Isabella swallowed slightly before she forced herself to look over at Gerard. “I told you I needed a favour” she said.

Gerard tilted his head, but before he had the chance to say anything, Isabella cut in. “It would only be one night” she insisted “And Lena thought that you’d be a good choice because we’ve been friends for a while, so it’d make sense that I’d been pretty vague when I’d talked about my ‘boyfriend’” she added.

Gerard stared at her wordlessly for so long that Isabella let her head fall forwards, an embarrassed laugh falling out of her mouth. “I should’ve known how stupid this was” she muttered.

“I didn’t say that” Gerard replied.

“Your face did all the talking for you” Isabella quipped.

“I was just thinking” Gerard said.

“About?” Isabella asked.

A slow impish smile brightened Gerard’s features. “Who would have broken and admitted having feelings first” he replied “I mean, you’re pretty elusive, so I guess it would have been me” he added with a nonchalant shrug.

Isabella gaped at him for a beat, causing Gerard to chuckle slightly as he looked over at her. “I think I could survive being your boyfriend for one night” he mused “We’ll have to figure the details out, we’ll be caught out as soon as we walk through the door if we don’t, but if this is the route you want to take, then I will help you” he added, his voice growing slightly more sincere.

“Really?” Isabella prodded.

Gerard nodded his head. “Really” he confirmed.

Isabella stared at him for a moment before she shook her head, trying to hide the tender smile that had started to spread across her features. “Dinner” she quipped “I promised you dinner. I need my phone to order it” she added, jumping back to her feet before she skittered out of the room.

Gerard reclined into the sofa after she had gone before he leant his head back, wondering what he had gotten himself into.
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