Until The Sunshine Fades

Twenty Eight

Pressing her phone against her ear, Isabella sunk into the sofa, waiting for the dial tone to be replaced by the sound of Lucas’s voice. It had been on her mind. Ever since Lucas’s name had appeared on the screen of her phone, she hadn’t quite been able to shake her curiosity about why he had called, but she had managed to hold off on calling him back until the following morning, not wanting to let whatever he had to say detract from the time she had been spending with Gerard and his friends. It had been another good night. After the stumble that they had gone through, Isabella and Gerard’s relationship seemed to only be getting stronger, and whilst her worries hadn’t dissipated completely, she was feeling more confident about them. Letting their relationship develop into a romantic one didn’t feel like as big a risk as it had done before.

Pushing a hand back through her messy hair, she listened to the dial tone for a few more seconds before Lucas’s sleepy voice came down the line. “Isabella?” he grumbled sleepily.

Isabella grimaced, her stare bouncing up towards the clock on the wall. “It’s early” she said “Sorry. I’ll...I’ll call back later” she added.

“I’m awake now” Lucas mumbled “And, if you give me a couple of seconds to get out of the room before my wife hits me with a pillow, we can talk. I assume this is about the job I called you about last night?” he quipped.

“Job?” Isabella asked.

“You didn’t listen to my voicemail?” Lucas pressed.

“I haven’t checked my messages” Isabella replied “I was out with friends last night, and I saw your name on the screen. I thought I’d call back to see if you wanted something important” she added.

Lucas let out a playful scoff. “You say it like I never had anything important to say to you” he quipped.

“You did send me the occasional email, asking for help to pick out flowers for you wife” Isabella countered.

Lucas let out a warm laugh. “That only happened once” he mused “But I promise you, this is important. I didn’t know if you were still looking for a job” he added.

The easy smile that Isabella had been wearing sobered slightly as her hand reached for the spot on her collar bone that she rubbed when she was nervous. “I...I am” she confirmed “I had an interview last night for a part time thing at a local newspaper, but I am pretty sure that it’s not going to happen. I’ve got another couple of interviews lined up that I am slightly more optimistic about” she added.

“I might be able to help you out” Lucas mused “My brother-in-law has just started up, and he is looking for a couple more writers, I was thinking I could give him your number and you could see what he’s offering” he added.

Isabella blinked dazedly. “What?” she squeaked.

Lucas laughed bashfully. “It’s only small right now” he mused “He’s a pretty well known journalist, though, and he’s recruited a few more to work with him. He’s looking for a few more additions to the team, and he asked if I knew anyone. I gave him your name, but I said I’d call and ask you if you were interested before I gave him your number” he added.

Isabella opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, but before she could say anything, she heard the front door open and close, something which caused her to frown until Gerard padded through the doorway into the room. Quirking a grin at the sight of her, he lifted a hand, showing off the restaurant to go bag he held.

Isabella couldn’t resist smiling in return. Mumbling a quick excuse to Lucas, she pressed her phone against her shoulder. “Did you steal my keys?” she asked.

“I borrowed them” Gerard corrected impishly “Besides, I was counting on you still being sound asleep when I got back. I didn’t think you’d ever know” he added.

Isabella offered him an unimpressed look, something which only made Gerard chuckle before he leant over, pressing a quick kiss against her lips. “I brought breakfast back with me. I went to that little cafe around the corner that you love” he mumbled.

Isabella’s face lit up with a grin before she could stop it, something which made Gerard grin triumphantly before he kissed her again. “I’ll go and get plates” he quipped.

“Can you give me a few minutes first?” Isabella asked “I’m on a call” she added, nodding towards the phone that was still pressed into her shoulder.

Gerard glanced at the phone. “Lucas?” he asked.

Isabella nodded. “His brother-in-law might have a job for me” she explained.

Gerard’s face brightened with a pleased smile. “Yeah?” he prodded.

“Might” Isabella stressed. She liked Gerard’s optimism, but she wanted didn’t want to get too far ahead of herself. She didn’t want to get her hopes up on something that might not work out.

Gerard nodded his head before he took a step back. “I’ll leave you to it” he quipped.

Isabella flashed him a thankful smile and watched him out of the room before she lifted the phone back to her ear. “Sorry” she said.

“Who was that?” Lucas’s voice was impishly playful.

“Does it matter?” Isabella asked.

“It sounded like a guy” Lucas chirped “I didn’t know you were seeing someone, Isabella” he added.

“It’s still pretty new” Isabella admitted shyly “And that’s not what this call is supposed to be about. Tell me more about what your brother-in-law is doing” she added.

“It’s going to be online, primarily” Lucas replied “It means that you could work remotely, but he’s pretty set on having everyone within commuting distance, which is why I was a little hesitant to put your name forwards. He’s covered football for a long time, but he’s open to expanding into other sports in the future if there’s the interest. I know you did your internship with a guy who covered the second division, so it’s something you’ve already got experience with” he added.

The slight smile on Isabella’s features faded, being replaced by a slightly confused frown. “Why did the idea of commuting make you hesitate to tell him about me?” she asked.

Lucas, who’d still been talking, spluttered slightly at the question before he let out a soft sigh. “He’s based in Madrid” he admitted “And I...I didn’t know if leaving Barcelona was something you’d be interested in. It’s a good opportunity, but I didn’t know if you’d consider it” he added.

Isabella’s hand rubbed at her collarbone, her eyes drifting up towards the doorway that Gerard had walked out of just minutes previous, before she let out a soft sigh. “Can I think it over?” she asked.

“I need an answer by the end of the week” Lucas replied “I think you’d be a great fit, Izzy. It’s why I thought of you” he added.

“Thank you, Lucas” Isabella said softly “I’ll call you back with an answer as soon as I can” she added.

Lucas mumbled a soft goodbye before the phone went dead, leaving Isabella staring at it, wondering just what she ought to do.