Until The Sunshine Fades

Twenty Nine


Isabella blinked, her eyes moving away from the phone that she clutched in her hand up towards Gerard who stood in the doorway, a slightly baffled smile on his face. She had been sat there for a while. After the call with Lucas had ended, she had just sat there, trying to get her thoughts in order, and it meant that the fact that Gerard was sat in her kitchen with the breakfast that he had bought for the two of them had slipped her mind. She knew she was getting slightly ahead of herself. Lucas had simply offered to put her in contact with someone who could potentially offer her a job, he hadn’t offered it to her outright, but still dread had filled her. It was what she was looking for, and she had wanted to tell Lucas that before she had hung up, but she had stopped herself, knowing that it wasn’t a decision she could just make. There were other things that she needed to consider.

“Huh?” Isabella spluttered.

“It’s been quiet in here for a while” Gerard said “I figured it was safe to come back, but I thought I’d check before I went back for the food. Are you finished?” he asked.

Isabella’s stare flicked back to her phone before she slowly nodded her head. “Yeah” she confirmed.

Gerard’s forehead creased at her hesitation. “You don’t sound sure about that” he teased.

Isabella’s lips quirked, but her small smile faded as quickly as it had appeared.

Gerard stepped further into the room, settling in the chair opposite her. “Out with it” he said.

Isabella briefly thought about asking what he meant, but she decided against it. She knew that he could see that something was bothering her, and she didn’t want to pretend otherwise. She had hurt him before by pretending that everything was alright when it wasn’t, and it wasn’t a mistake that she was in a hurry to replicate. Ducking her head, she toyed with the phone in her hands before she let out a quiet sigh. “What Lucas is offering me is good” she said “I mean, I don’t know what made him think of me, but it’s a really good opportunity” she added.

“What’s the catch?” Gerard asked.

“You know me a little too well” Isabella countered with a slight smile.

Gerard just kept staring at her, eventually causing Isabella to sigh, her stare dropping back towards her hands. “The offer is dependent on me being based in Madrid” she admitted quietly.

The words lingered in the air for a moment, allowing for a slightly awkward silence to descend before Isabella gently pushed herself up, moving to crouch down ahead of Gerard. Gently taking his hand in hers, she twisted their fingers together before she looked up at him. “I told him I need some time to think it over before I gave him the OK to give my number to his brother-in-law” she said “He’s given me until the end of the week” she added.

Gerard nodded his head slowly. “Do you want to take it?” he asked.


“There’s no right or wrong thing to say, Izzy. Do you want it or not?” Gerard interrupted. He could hear the hesitation in her voice, and he wanted to assure her that she didn’t need to worry about giving him an answer he didn’t like. He simply wanted to know what was going through her head.

Isabella’s eyes searched Gerard’s for a moment before slowly, almost timidly, she nodded her head. “It sounds really good to me” she admitted “Lucas sounds excited about the project, and his brother-in-law is someone I’d be excited to work with. I don’t know what the interviewing process will be like, but it’s something I’d really like to be a part of” she added.

“Even if it is in Madrid?” Gerard asked. His voice wasn’t sharp, or hurt, it was just curious, and it made Isabella’s chest hurt a little.

“It’s not where I’d want to be, but yeah” Isabella answered.

Gerard nodded his head slowly.

“They’ve not officially offered me anything yet” Isabella spoke quickly, not wanting to give the silence the chance to settle in “Lucas was just offering to put me in touch with David. I’d still have to interview, and I don’t know that he’d been interested in hiring me after he sees how bad at that I can be” she added, playfully rolling her eyes.

Gerard’s lips quirked reluctantly into a lopsided smile. Isabella was trying to lighten the mood, and he was content to let her. “He’d be a fool not to” he quipped.

“You might just be a little biased” Isabella countered.

Gerard let out a soft laugh before he shook his head. “You should call Lucas” he announced after a moment of quiet “Tell him to put you in contact with David” he added.

“Why?” Isabella asked before she could stop herself.

“So you can get an interview?” Gerard asked, playfully furrowing his forehead.

Isabella shook her head. “Gerard...”

“I’m not going to tell you not to do it, Izzy” Gerard interrupted “Not when it is so obvious that you want to. You said it yourself, you’d have to interview first, and if that goes well and you get it, then we’ll just...figure it out” he added, offering her a small smile reassuring smile.

Isabella opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, trying to think of something to say, but Gerard was quicker. Leaning forwards, he kissed her temple softly before he placed another kiss on the crown of her head. “You want this” he murmured into her hair “So go for it. We’ll figure things out, I promise you, Izzy” he added.

Isabella looked up at him, her eyes searching his features, before she slowly nodded her head. “I’ll call Lucas later” she mused.

“Good” Gerard chirped encouragingly.

Isabella offered him a small, shy smile, before she pushed herself back up to her feet. “I’ll go and grab the food” she mused “Do you still have time to eat it before you need to go?” she asked.

“It’s going to be distinctly less romantic than the breakfast in bed I had planned, but yes” Gerard quipped.

“You were going to bring me breakfast in bed?” Isabella prodded with a small, amused smile.

“Yes, I was” Gerard confirmed with a nod “Romantic, right?” he teased.

Isabella scoffed playfully before she padded out of the room, allowing the bright smile on Gerard’s face to dim a little.
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