Viva La Resistance!


A hundred years have passed since the 2024 elections.

The Christians were right all along, it had been the end of days; just not like they thought it would play out. The second coming never came. God had given up hope, and rightfully so. There was nothing left of humanity or civilization. It had fallen, taking our once great nation with it. Hell was well upon us; merciless in its conquest for ultimate control.

Still, there is hope. Abet only just a glimmer.

They're hidden in the darkness; shrouded by secrecy and set with determination to fight. If not for themselves, then for those who no longer had the voice to do so.

Aurelian Black was the leader of that Resistance. A name often uttered among the elite with as much contempt as was possible. They were everything representing against what America once stood for.

Commoners called the one percent, The Allegiance. Together banded with strong ties of destruction.

Allister Baudelaire; a politician in his third term of power kept the country silenced with solid rule and deceptive safe bubbles for all. Complete ignorance brought on by a century of conditioning.

How else could one be made to comply when they had the power of logical thought? 2024 brought an end to all political parties. Slowly, the Democratic leaders gave sovereignty to their masters. Like stupid, happy puppies; foolishly giving their owner the bone they managed to obtain. They never dreamed the destruction it would cause. Everyone of authority denied it, but the common people saw right through. Now they see; just as we all do.

It's been said a useful idiot is only as smart as their owners allow them to be. They're content in their ignorance; happy to be allowed a thought to enter their head; no matter how unoriginal it maybe.

The first rule of order, a test if you will; was to force the average American to wear a face mask – isn't that what a certain religion has to do when they go out? No one knew what was happening until it was too late.

Then, like wild fire it snowballed out of control, taking the world by force; practically overnight. You couldn't stay out past curfew. If you did, you were arrested. If you didn't wear your mask? An automatic 500.00 dollar fine, most of whom couldn't pay it. In addition, one hundred and eighty days in jail. A year, if you couldn't afford the ridiculous amount.

Our lives in 2020 were over. Caught up in a movement that stripped the freedoms of our once great nation. Everyone a hundred years later in the elite, seems happy with the one world order. Ruled under an iron gag; the key held tightly by the slave owners above; ripping the foundation to its very center.

A nationwide purge of pensioners came first. A mandatory sweep away implemented the first rule of new world order. Secret forces nationwide could be seen kicking in doors, brandishing their weapons and putting an end to any elderly sixty-five years or older that resided inside. Loud flashes of light, agonizing screams interrupting the air.

Purging left many to hide in shadow or take their own life.





The first sweep of many.

Then the second purge came. This time, the mentally and physical challenged.

By then, there was a log. Easy to find; easy to execute. This one, was more shushed. However, the internet meant the sweep couldn't hide forever.

Until they sanctioned the internet. Each post had to be approved on social media by an administrator. If they deemed it against The Allegiance, it was blocked.

The chats were overseen, too. If the admins listening on the other end deemed it offensive, the users were forever banned from speaking to one another.

Food was rationed. We were told it was for our own good. Five hundred calories on natural' grown food kept us functioning enough. It was when the Green New Deal passed. The commoner no longer had the luxury traveling by car or plane. That privilege was granted to the Elite. We were back to horse drawn carriages.

PETA threw a fit over the inhumane law. The normal people trying to make a living, suffered. Another rule passed; no horse could be used for transportation.

Bike fatalities started to rise. Another bill banning them was proposed, passing unanimously. An angry crowd marched to Washington, met with brutal violence once they reached congress. Thousands died.

News slowed to household discussions; although, later versions of Alexa; a popular Amazon product, oversaw their conversations. Often deeming her owner's opinion offensive. The secret forces quietly took care of the problem. Usually, by way of an unfortunate accident.

Time changed; history changed; we live in a bubble of pure simplistic ignorance and because most now know nothing else; they're happy to be in their illusion of safety.

Aurelian Black was the youngest of the resistance.

"Viva La Resistance! Down with The Allegiance!" The peasants beneath would cry in the busy streets, making bullets fly across the sky. They rained like hollow pointed spheres, quieting the opposed chants; silencing our voices.

A second rising is coming. We've been quiet for far too long, our voices are dying to scream; we're dying to break our silent chains, to raise our fists toward the sky and holler our protests, making sure the bullets fly once again.

Only this time, WE will be the ones to pull the trigger.
♠ ♠ ♠
Work of fiction, not meant to offend.