Lament (Fiction)
A Story by Lea Sheryn
A letter from a wife to the husband who left her

Lament (Fiction)
By Lea Sheryn

Dear Frank,

Why did you leave me? After all those years of love and devotion, again, why did you leave me? There was a time when I was everything to you. The sound of my voice and the words of love I lavished upon you caused you to fly to the moon. You and I played amongst the stars, once upon a time. It was you and I and no one else. There was a cozy little place made in the heavens for just you and me.

Look into your children’s faces and see me there. They are my reflection as well as yours. You say you love them well yet now you say you don’t love me. How can that be when they are me and I am them?

What does she have that I don’t? She is but a silly little plaything to lavish you with a moment’s joy. The attention you have for her can only be fleeting. All she has is a soft body to fill the void on a cold winter’s night. Careless chatter can only amuse you for a fortnight before you are seeking better and more meaningful talk.

Careless chatter is what drove you to her in the first place. Oh how you drank in the worthless gossip you heard about me. Oh how you couldn’t wait to use it against me instead of discovering the truth. All you had to do was speak to me…all you had to do was seek the right answers. Instead you flew away but not to the moon or the stars.

Will you come back, my love, now that you know or are you trapped in the net of deceit? Only you can say and only time will tell. Did you hoist yourself on your own petard? Is there lament on both sides?

If you will come home, I will love you still.

Signed Amelia
  1. Lament
    A letter from a wife to the husband who left her