All This Time

When Lionel finally admitted how he felt about Amelia, it was too late.

He had spent years thinking about telling her, but when he finally musters the courage to admit that he has romantic feelings for her, Amelia tells him that it’s too late. She was happy with someone else, and as much as Lionel might want to, he can’t change her mind, so he makes the decision to put distance between them, knowing that he can’t sit around and pretend to be happy for her when, without meaning to, she’s breaking his heart.

When their paths next cross, things have changed.

Amelia’s relationship hasn’t lasted, and, despite his best efforts, Lionel can’t resist gravitating back towards her. With Amelia still reeling from the end of her relationship, and Lionel not being over the feelings he had for her, their restarted friendship has the potential to get out of control, but will it only end in the two of them getting hurt?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anyone or anything you may recognise, but the plot and OCs are mine
  1. 00: It Could Be
  2. 01: A Million Miles Away
  3. 02: It Was Just Dinner With A Friend
  4. 03: Elephants
  5. 04: I Need One
  6. 05: Don’t Say It
  7. 06: More Than I’d Like
  8. 07: How Could We Not Be?
  9. 08: That Hasn’t Changed
  10. 09: Shopping For One
  11. 10: I’m Trying
  12. 11: I Haven’t Danced In A Long Time
  13. 12: That’s Fair
  14. 13: I’m Glad One Of Us Thinks So
  15. 14: Don’t Go Away
    Rewritten 30/08
  16. 15: I Couldn’t Watch You With Him
  17. 16: Done
  18. 17: That’s All It Is
  19. 18: I Can Help With That
  20. 19: I Think You’re Worth Worrying About
  21. 20: Sorry It’s So Difficult
  22. 21: It’ll Still Be Strange
  23. 22: Is That Too Much To Ask?
  24. 23: Do You Think Anything About This Is What I Want?
  25. 24: It Wasn’t Just A Bad Dream, Was It?
  26. 25: That’s What I Was Aiming For
  27. 26: You Used To Smile When You Saw Me
  28. 27: Every Single Day
  29. 28: He’s Got Nothing To Do With It
  30. 29: Out Of Nowhere
  31. 30: I Should Be Going Anyway
  32. 31: Something
  33. 32: We Can Always Drink More Tequila
  34. 33: You Make It Sound Easy
  35. 34: She Definitely Is
  36. 35: He Can’t Explain It Away
  37. 36: Who Do You Want To Be?
  38. 37: My Worried Mother
  39. 38: Because?
  40. 39: Here You Are
  41. 40: That’s Not Nothing
  42. 41: If That’s What You Want
  43. 42: The Wrong Time
  44. 43: The Last Man I Loved
  45. 44: I Don’t Think I Thought You’d Come With Me
  46. 45: I Hope That’s Something You’ve Grown Out Of
  47. 46: He Did Enough Of That
  48. 47: I Can’t Make You Love Me
  49. 48: I Like That You’re Here
  50. 49: You
  51. 50: I’d Give Anything For A Hug
  52. 51: You’re Not Where You Thought You Would Be
  53. 52: Did That Make You Feel Better?
  54. 53: You Didn’t See Me Then
  55. 54: It’s Good To Know Where You Stand