All This Time

When Lionel finally admitted how he felt about Amelia, it was too late.

He had spent years thinking about telling her, but when he finally musters the courage to admit that he has romantic feelings for her, Amelia tells him that it’s too late. She was happy with someone else, and as much as Lionel might want to, he can’t change her mind, so he makes the decision to put distance between them, knowing that he can’t sit around and pretend to be happy for her when, without meaning to, she’s breaking his heart.

When their paths next cross, things have changed.

Amelia’s relationship hasn’t lasted, and, despite his best efforts, Lionel can’t resist gravitating back towards her. With Amelia still reeling from the end of her relationship, and Lionel not being over the feelings he had for her, their restarted friendship has the potential to get out of control, but will it only end in the two of them getting hurt?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anyone or anything you may recognise, but the plot and OCs are mine